Nobuhiro Hemmi

Leader, Monitor Deloitte Institute, Japan

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Partner/Chief Strategist

Nobuhiro Hemmi

Marunouchi Nijubashi Building

3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku



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For 25 years, Nobuhiro has had abundant experience in global strategy and macro-economic projects in a wide variety of industries. A leading member of Deloitte’s global business intelligence team, he is an expert in scenario planning, market entry strategy and business model development in a multinational environment.  Before joining Deloitte, Nobuhiro worked for the Japan Bank for international Cooperation (JBIC) and for an American strategy consulting firm 

Nobuhiro was invited to be a fellow of the World Economic Forum and a visiting scholar by Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He has an Advanced Management Program degree from Harvard Business School and earned his MBA from the ESCP Business School in Paris  and a BA from Keio University in Tokyo.

Harvard Business School(AMP), ESCP Europe (MBA)


Key projects : 

■Geo-strategy, Macro economic, megatrend

  • Global macro mega trend analysis in 2022 for global conglomerate company
  • Future vision development for large financial group

■Scenario planning, new business development strategy and business portfolio management

  • Scenario planning and market entry strategy regarding  energy sector especially regarding renewable energy in developed and emerging countries for Japanese government
  • Growth strategy and new business development strategy for trading company (Establishing new financial department etc.)

Market entry strategy regarding home appliance market in Latin America countries for Japanese manufacture


Key publications, articles and speeches:   

  • “China-ASEAN”, Nikkei BP, selling business book (international affairs) in Japan (Amazon/Kinokuniya/Sanseido/Maruzen) ,(Feb2021) 
  • “Surviving Great Transition Period”, Diamond Management (March 2022)
  • “The future of Asia’s economy and its implication for Japan Inc.”, ASEAN – Japan Business week (May, 2021) “Future direction of JPN business amidst deepening SEA-China economics” as a key speaker (May, 2022)
  • Driving Growth Using Practical Wisdom”, World Economic Forum (Jan 2021)
  • G1 Institute “G1 Summit” (2018/2019) “G1 Global”(November 2018,2019,2021) as a panelist
  • Rakuten Optimism 2021“Tectonic Shifts in China and ASEAN in the Wake of the Pandemic and Implications for Japan”as a speaker
  • “Public-Private Cooperation in Japan-ASEAN economic relations”, Harvard University (April 2017)
  • “Trump: Impact on Asia business”, Nikkei BP magazine (Jan 2017)
  • “Brexit and its impact on future business”, Nikkei Sangyo newspaper (Nov 2016)
  • “Geopolitics and Business (ASEAN Foresight)”, Harvard Business Review online, (Feb2015)
Nobuhiro Hemmi