Nobuhiro Hemmi

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Nobuhiro Hemmi

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Mr. Hemmi is a Partner, Chief Strategist, Head of Global Business Intelligence at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, and member of Global Economist Council (Japan lead). Fellow, World Economic Forum. Also, former Associate (Visiting Scholar) of Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.

He has abundant global finance experience (Project finance, country risk analysis, Asia Bond Market Initiative etc.) at JBIC (Japanese government bank: Japan Bank for International Cooperation) and global business strategy consulting experience.

In that capacity, he led strategy consultants and expert teams on scenario planning, megatrend analysis, Japan’s policy strategy for the government sector in Asia, market entry strategies in Asia (such as Myanmar’s banking sector), infrastructure business. He has also developed expertise on emerging markets as a Manager at, and on country risk analysis and Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI) as Deputy Director at Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC).

AMP from Harvard Business School, M.B.A. from ESCP-Europe (France) and B.A (majored in international economic law) from Keio University

Theses & Publications
■“The potential of financial industry to develop environmental initiative” (Nov 2011/2010)
■“Perspective of Japanese consumer finance loan industry”
■“Business potential for Japanese finance industry in South East Asian countries” (Feb 2012)
■“Business intelligence skill under era of uncertainty”, Think! Toyo-keizai (Dec 2014)
■“ASEAN Foresight 2025”, Harvard Business Review Online (Feb 2015)
and more.

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Asia Pacific Economic Outlook, Q4 2016 Japan: Two arrows too many
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Nobuhiro Hemmi