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Tracking the trends 2020

The top 10 issues transforming the future of mining

Leading from the front

Over the past few years, the mining sector has made significant strides to steer through disruption and volatility. However, they continue to grapple with a host of external challenges—from an uncertain geopolitical landscape and technological disruption to increased demands from communities and investors. How can miners succeed and lead from the front?

To thrive, some companies are addressing climate change and investor concerns through decarbonization and uncovering new opportunities through joint ventures. Miners are also revisiting their talent and diversity strategies, working to strengthen relationships with local communities, and seeking ways to create value beyond compliance.

Now in its 12th year, Tracking the Trends 2020 features insights, strategies, and forward-thinking ideas that mining companies can leverage to learn how to lead from the front. Our global mining professionals once again share a wealth of lessons learned that companies can draw upon to reposition for the future.

2020 mining trends

Trend 1: The social investor
Embedding value beyond compliance into corporate DNA

Trend 2: Getting partnerships and joint ventures right
Looking beyond structure to governance

Trend 3: Seize opportunity amid uncertainty
Why miners should prepare for the next downturn now

Trend 4: Dynamically managing risk
From risk registers to strategic risk management

Trend 5: The path to decarbonization
Miners’ role in reducing emissions

Trend 6: On the road towards intelligent mining
Reviewing lessons learned

Trend 7: Modernizing core technologies
Considerations around cloud, cyber, and revitalizing the core

Trend 8: The intersection of talent and community
Proactively planning for the social impact of digital

Trend 9: Leadership in an Industry 4.0 world
Preparing to manage the mining workforce of the future

Trend 10: Tax tribulations
Concerns over “transfer mispricing” put miners in the spotlight

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2019 mining trends

Executive summary 2019

Disruption and volatility have become the new constant for the mining sector—grappling with issues like rising stakeholder demands, talent shortages, tarnished reputation, an evolving threat landscape, and dwindling access to key resources such as energy and water. What leading strategies can miners deploy to succeed in this dynamic business environment?

This 11th edition of the Tracking the trends report reveals the top 10 trends that should be on every mining company's agenda. Our global mining professionals once again share insights that miners can leverage in their ongoing pursuit for productivity, capital discipline, strategy development, and sustainable growth.

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