Bespoke Analytics

Today, the capability of generating value from vast amount of data, has become a new key differentiator for businesses. Bespoke Analytics is a tailored business intelligence solution to address the emerging needs of data analytics, provide insights from entire population of data across all areas be it operations or financial data. Encompassing data acquisition, transformation, modelling and visualisation, this end-to-end solution provides our clients with a fresh perspective on improving efficiency, quality and profitability of the business, and identifies new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Tech leveraged Analytics, Machine Learning
Use case(s) Revenue, payroll, inventory analysis, loan analysis
Benefit(s) • Able to analyse large volume of data, discover underlying patterns and detect anomalies or outliers. This will help the organisation to develop a more informed approach or strategy to overcome the challenges and enhance performance.
• Data mining, as part of Bespoke Analytics, provides the ability to forecast what could happen in the future, thus allowing faster response to changes and the company to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Point of contact(s)
Mak, Wai Kit
Tag(s) Analytics, Insights, Innovation
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