Strategic & Reputation Risk

Deloitte helps organisations make risk-informed strategic choices and respond to disruptions to grow their business and protect their reputation. C-suite and boards need the right insights, best-in-class corporate governance, and a risk culture aimed at driving value.

Our services

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is nowadays critical to any large organisation. Tougher corporate governance regulations are being introduced to challenge creative accounting, poor internal controls, inadequate challenging of business strategy, excessive pay unmatched to performance, and ineffective non-executive directors. We assist boards and its members to become more effective in overseeing their organisation’s key risks, strategy and overall governance structure.  

Strategic Risk

Strategic risks can do serious damage to an organisation very quickly. These risks can compromise supply chains, facilities, technology, talent, capital, reputation and basic drivers of value. Yet, they fall outside most enterprise risk management (ERM) programmes and are difficult to quantify, monitor and manage. Our role is to identify, monitor and provide insights on trends and disruptors that can impact competitive advantage, market position and long-term performance.

Brand and Reputation Risk

Company reputations are in the spotlight like never before. In the blink of an eye, they can be destroyed or rocket sky high. With our innovative and comprehensive method, we can assist clients in managing and measuring brand, reputation and customer experience, giving organisations the tools and insights to build a resilient and differentiated brand and customer experience.

Crisis Management

The next crisis that could threaten your company may already be taking shape, putting your reputation and business at risk. We help clients prepare for, respond to and emerge stronger from any major crisis, with services including enterprise crisis programmes, crisis readiness using simulations, rapid response, effective communication to stakeholders and recovery programmes.


With increased regulatory and stakeholder pressures, it is now a business imperative for organisations to manage their activities’ economic, social and environmental impacts. Deloitte’s sustainability strategy is vital to long-term success and most effective when aligned with existing initiatives. We develop, monitor, assure and report on sustainability missions that address key stakeholders' social, ethical, environmental and other non-financial needs.