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Coaching Young Healthcare Professionals

Improving the Dutch healthcare system, supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

The demands in hospitals for safety and quality require effective cooperation between doctors and managers. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding, incomprehension and frustration between the different ‘worlds’ of the doctor and the manager/consultant. They both need to understand and embrace each other’s core competencies in order to improve healthcare organizations.

The Medical Business Foundation

The Medical Business Foundation was founded seven years ago. Her mission is to increase the management, financial and organizational knowledge and expertise of young doctors, to bridge the gap between (future) doctors and managers/consultants. Medical Business Projects (MBP) is one of the foundation’s largest pillars. Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte has been one of their collaboration partners from the very beginning and has been present from the first project rounds. Besides MBP, the foundation also organizes masterclasses, webinars and innovative events.

Medical Business Projects and Deloitte

MBP aims to let the medical specialists and managers of the future work together to improve healthcare, such that a medical and business perspective is bundled. MBP has developed a unique format of multidisciplinary projects, feasible within all departments of a healthcare institution. During MBP a project team of enthusiastic young doctors, master students and non-doctors is put together and is connected to an external consultancy coach from Deloitte or another collaboration partner. Together, they solve a healthcare-related problem at a department of an hospital.

Lilian ten Wolde from Deloitte’s Consulting practice coordinate the collaboration between Deloitte and the Medical Business Foundation. Lilian: ”Twice a year, we look for coaches in the Deloitte Healthcare Community who intensively want to guide a project team for four months. They will guide the MBP team in the process of translating a certain issue into a client advise.

Thimon van Gestel is a Deloitte Coach for the MBP team at Haga Juliana Geboortecentrum. Thimon: “It is fascinating to witness the pace at which these young healthcare professionals leverage their newly gained consulting skills and combine these with their extensive healthcare knowledge to break down and solve their client’s problem.

In addition, every project round we organize two expert panels where healthcare experts from the Deloitte Community come together to give their view on the client issues and to advice the project team on their way forward. Clients, project teams, coaches and experts all consider MBP as very valuable. To go through the process from a client problem to a real client advise is a great learning experience for all stakeholders.”

Lize van Rooij, a MBP project member at Maastricht UMC: “The expert panels were exactly what we needed; a fresh inside on the things we are currently doing and a small push to look and think further than just the current situation we are in.

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Deloitte will continue to share knowledge and stimulate the collaboration between these different ‘worlds’, such that the young healthcare professionals will become a new generation of doctors who are ready for the future. Would you like to learn more about the collaboration between Deloitte and the Medical Business Foundation? Feel free to contact Lilian ten Wolde.

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