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Discover more about Deloitte through our Integrated Annual Report (IAR) and our Transparency report. Available for each year.

Integrated Annual Report

This Integrated Annual Report (IAR) shares information about our purpose and strategy, value creation, key numbers and related performance and impact for the financial year 2022/2023. Through our IAR, we illustrate how Deloitte Netherlands added value over the previous fiscal year and how we expect to be adding value in the future. The notion of value in this Report goes far beyond merely the financial results and addresses all forms of value.

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Integrated Annual Report 2022/2023

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Transparency Report

In our Transparency Report for the year 2022-2023, we present our ongoing endeavors, advancements, and outcomes concerning Audit Quality. This year's edition delves deeper into several key themes. For instance, it provides a comprehensive explanation of the implementation of ISQM1 and outlines our dedicated efforts related to ESG. Additionally, we offer further insights into external reviews conducted by both the AFM, focusing on fraud risk analysis, and the PCAOB. The report also highlights various initiatives aimed at our employees, such as the Young Audit Board and our culture program. Furthermore, it offers a more detailed overview of the role of training and practical education within our firm.

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Transparency Report 2022/2023

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