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Deloitte Future Academy Program

Empowering Refugees in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, many newcomers from refugee backgrounds arrive with a strong desire to launch their careers in their adopted homeland. Despite their impressive education and extensive experience, navigating the Dutch labor market can be a formidable challenge, often resulting in what is commonly termed as "lost talent.". Perhaps most crucially, the absence of a robust professional network within the host society can significantly impede their career progression. Through Deloitte, our program focuses on helping them build a professional network to kickstart their careers in a new home country.

Collaborative Solutions:

Deloitte collaborates with New Dutch Connections to bring this idea into execution. This collaborative effort aims to empower newcomers, ensuring that their talents are recognized and utilized within the Dutch workforce. Through a combination of soft skills and hard skills training, interactive workshops, and personalized coaching, refugees are equipped with the tools they need not only to integrate into the Dutch professional landscape but also to advance in their careers.

The Program:

Deloitte initiated this program in 2018, and we have successfully completed four rounds by 2023, aiding refugees. This program supports 20 newcomers from different countries who had well-established careers in their home countries but struggle to find their way in the Dutch labor market.
During this 10-week program, participants will have sessions at Deloitte and NDC offices where they will learn about Deloitte, various industries, and methods to enhance their knowledge from our Deloitte experts. NDC plays a crucial role in providing soft skills training to the participants and helping them regain their confidence.
Each newcomer is assigned a Deloitte professional as a personal coach to provide one-on-one guidance. Additionally, each newcomer receives a Deloitte HR coach who helps them enhance their CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, providing tips and tricks to ace their interviews. Newcomers also have the opportunity to learn from NDC experts on how to present themselves.
The heart of Deloitte's initiative lies in knowledge and network-building. Through engaging workshops, refugees gain insights into the intricacies of Deloitte and the Dutch professional landscape. The program actively supports refugees in cultivating a professional network, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.

Deloitte's collaboration with the New Dutch Connections Foundation exemplifies a commitment to fostering inclusivity and unlocking the potential of newcomers from refugee backgrounds. By providing targeted support, valuable skills, and the means to build professional networks, this initiative ensures that the talent arriving on Dutch shores is not lost but rather harnessed for the benefit of both individuals and the broader society. As refugees embark on their journey toward career success in the Netherlands, Deloitte stands as a catalyst for change, proving that with the right resources and support, individuals can overcome barriers and contribute meaningfully to their new community.

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