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What is it like to find and follow your societal purpose? How does it feel to contribute to a cause that is close to your heart? Read more about how our colleagues experience working on the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiatives.

You can’t give a start-up a kick-start unless you know why many of them experience shut-down

The best initiatives and projects, such as the successful Lightyear project, tend to emerge in an environment where people inspire each other continuously. Emma and Rogier joined Deloitte not long ago, but have already made an impact both internally and externally through their work at a start-up called Lightyear.

Emma Wolthuizen and Rogier van der Klauw talk about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Strategic Partnership with Lightyear’. Read their blog.

Joining forces to clean up the oceans

Deloitte Digital consultant Anna advises clients on smart digital solutions. Her colleague Doreen assesses and improves organizational structures as an Organization Design Consultant. Together they provide an important contribution to The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch foundation that develops technologies to remove plastic waste from the oceans.

Anna Snijdoodt and Doreen Fassaert talk about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Partnership with the Ocean Cleanup’. Read their blog.

Making seniors feel less lonely with our social robot

We find Max and Naïma in a super fun and inspiring workshop in the Garage, Deloitte Digital’s location in Amsterdam. Not quite the type of place you’d expect an organisation like Deloitte to occupy. Surrounded by a plethora of robot demos and mock-ups, Max and Naïma’s enthusiasm speaks for itself as they operate the workbench. Just like Apple’s humble beginnings in a garage, this is where the story of Alice begins; a social robot that helps alleviate loneliness among seniors.

Max Vuijk and Naïma van Esch talk about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Alice the Social Robot’. Read their blog.

Helping poor farmers with knowledge of international transactions

Walter started at Deloitte as a working student. He is now a consultant at Transfer Pricing. He helped make an impact in Africa and Asia by using his knowledge on international transactions through a Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative.

Walter Govers talks about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘One Acre Fund’. Read his blog.

A successful network for refugees

Financial Advisory’s Director Arjan van Dijk spends most of his time providing companies and pension funds with strategic advice on employment conditions and pensions. But, he also makes an effort to help refugees like Mustafa Tan. And Arjan and Mustafa have even become colleagues recently.

Arjan van Dijk and Mustafa Tan talk about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Deloitte Future Academy’. Read their blog.

Showing kids the magic of technology and robotics

Lowering the threshold of technology. It not only signifies all the work Nikie and Ygrain do for clients, it’s also the stand-out feature of their initiative called ‘Building Bots with Kids’. Nikie: ‘Your education does not necessarily have to be technical, but you really need to know how to use technology if you want to function well in our future society.’

Nikie van Duurling and Ygrain Post talk about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Building Bots with Kids’. Read their blog.

Making young people more aware of their opportunities in society

Desmond Rozenberg, Audit manager, studied at VMBO and MBO, and got to know Deloitte after doing a six-month internship there for his bachelor's degree. As far as he is concerned, young people have the future and he wants to be an example to them. That’s why he joins the Deloitte Impact Foundation activities at JINC.

Desmond Rozenberg talks about his Deloitte Impact Foundation activities for JINC. Read his blog.

It's fantastic that everyone, including the board, is committed to society!

Sjanne works as a senior consultant Real Estate Consulting within Strategy & Operations. She is also actively committed to projects with a social purpose together with her Business Model Transformation team.

Sjanne Borst talks about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiatives she started within her team. Read her blog.

Responsible hacking during Hacklab High School

Children are often confronted with the danger of the online world and are not always able to estimate the risks involved. Therefore, it’s never too early for children to start discovering the world of Cyber. This is why project Hacklab Highschool started through the Deloitte Impact Foundation. Every now and then the baton is passed on to new project members. Thijs is now part of the team and, together with other colleagues, organizes Hacklab Highschool sessions at least four times a year.

Thijs Wollerich talks about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Hacklab High School’. Read his blog.

Building a promising future with Hacklab Petje Af

Because of the infectious enthusiasm of a colleague of Muriel, she became involved in the HackLab High School sessions. As a result, the Deloitte Impact Foundation project Hacklab Petje Af was set up. It provides hacking sessions for children who do not get the same development opportunities due to their living conditions. 

Muriel Gerritsen talks about the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Hacklab Petje Af’. Read her blog.

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