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Meet our CEOs of Tomorrow

What is it like to be a boss?

On the 24th of January, 11-year-old’s Nasrin and Lina acted as Deloitte's CEO for a day. They investigated how robots can be best used in the future.


What better way is there to inspire children to get the best out of themselves, than by giving making them bosses for a day? For the third time, the Deloitte Impact Foundation joined JINC project ‘Boss of Tomorrow’. On this day, 200 children who grew up in an environment with less professional role-models in The Netherlands, experience what it’s like to be a boss. Through this short internship they gain a valuable experience which can open their eyes to unexpected career opportunities.

Impact that matters

We want to make an impact that matters, on society, our customers and our employees. By allowing two students to experience what it is like to be the CEO of Deloitte for a day, we want to give back to society and make a positive impact on children’s future career. By participating in the programme, we also want to show how important it is to invest in future talent. For our current CEO, Peter Bommel who hosted this day, it is a unique way to get to know the ideas of the next generation.

A day as the bosses of Deloitte

As ‘CEOs of Tomorrow’, the 11-year-old’s Nasrin and Lina investigated how robots can best be used in the future. They were given a tour of our sustainable office building The Edge and met two of the robots that Deloitte is developing, one of which is Alice the Care Robot. In a mini Greenhouse lab they experienced more of Deloitte’s latest innovations and robots, after which they advised Deloitte’s CEO, Peter Bommel, on their use in the future. The programme ended at the JINC’s conference in Amsterdam, where almost 100 CEOs and more than 200 children came together. Also, the Dutch king Willem Alexander joined this event. Curious about Nasrin and Lina's experience? Watch the video.

CEO of Tomorrow 2019

About the Deloitte Impact Foundation

The Deloitte Impact Foundation enables Deloitte employees to apply their knowledge, energy and talents to make a positive impact on three societal themes: education, social innovation and sustainable society. Our employees can spend 1% of their working time on projects of the Deloitte Impact Foundation. For more information go to:

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If you have questions about the Deloitte Impact Foundation or our collaboration with JINC, please reach out to Willemijn Zwiep via the contact details below.

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