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Starting the Education Alliance

Alongside the Social Alliance, we are working on solutions to tackle the inequality of opportunities and shortage of teachers in metropolitan regions    

Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, we are working with the Social Alliance on a strategy and development of sustainable solutions for the shortage of teachers in deprived areas in the Netherlands. This will help safeguard the quality and continuity of our children's education.

Acute shortage of teachers

In 2020, there is a shortage of 4,000 FTEs in primary education. By 2025, this will have risen to 10,000 FTEs. The quality and continuity of education and children's development are at risk. A conclusion from the report 'The state of Education' (in Dutch) is that the shortage of teachers in schools where more than three quarters of the pupils have a non-Western migrant background is five times greater than schools where less than a quarter of the pupils has a non-Western background. This means that schools with the most vulnerable pupil population have the biggest shortage of teachers. 

Furthermore, inequality of opportunities for good education is rising for groups of pupils in the Netherlands. In the long term, this will have drastic consequences for our society and our economy and knowledge economy. This social problem can only be resolved sustainably and effectively when funds, social organisations, industry, government and schools work (better) together.

Dutch only: Education Alliance's explanation of initiative

Working together on the future of education

The Social Alliance has therefore formed the Education Alliance. On Thursday, 24 September 2020, it presented a manifesto to Minister Slob.

In the Education Alliance, the Deloitte Impact Foundation works together with the Stichting Westelijke Tuinsteden (primary education), KidsRight, ING, BMC and Tata Consultancy Services. The Education Alliance will work with several partners on sustainable, innovative and scalable (practical) solutions. The municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, JINC and Jantje Beton are examples of this.

We support primary schools with a transition focused on reducing the shortage of teachers, lowering the workload, organising education differently and reinforcing the district. We are also joining (national) initiatives in these areas and facilitating and supporting through knowledge, instruments, research and available networks.

Good education for every child

Johan Stuiver, Director Public Sector at Deloitte, about this project: ‘Together with our partners, we promote equal opportunities in education and resolve the shortage of teachers. Not only for the future of education, but also that of our children. We use our power of innovation and implementation to support primary schools in metropolitan regions in reducing the shortage of teachers and improving the development opportunities of children, particularly in deprived areas. Together, we will work on good education for every child. We feel that by using a public-private partnership, we can help resolve complex social issues.’

The manifesto

The parties involved have expressed their commitment to supporting schools and initiatives and have recorded this in the manifesto. This commitment is based on the identified need for help, success conditions and obstacles. The Education Alliance will be further expanded with several parties so that there are more support options for several types of need.

Deloitte is represented in the Steering Group Education Alliance by Johan Stuiver (chair) and Denise Kroon (project manager). Via the Deloitte Impact Foundation, there is commitment relating to the following points:

  • Support for primary schools in metropolitan regions in promoting public-private partnership with the district and businesses.
  • Use of innovation and implementation capacity and tools (including PPS strategy model) in metropolitan initiatives.
  • Developing a platform (link needs of primary schools to knowledge and implementation strength of other parties).
  • Process monitoring metropolitan initiatives.
  • Chair Steering Group.

Download the manifesto, the summary and the report on the top of this page.

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