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Managing the Voedselbank Zwolle in an efficient way

Helping the Voedselbank Zwolle by organize their internal organization in an efficient way. 

Initiative 3/3: Currently, three pro-bono initiatives are running to support the Voedselbanken Nederland. Each one was started by an individual colleague at Deloitte via the Deloitte Impact Foundation. Read their blogs to learn more about their initiatives and their experiences.

Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation, Deloitte colleagues use their expertise to support the Voedselbanken Nederland in their mission to provide free food to people who are unable to buy food themselves. In this blog, Maarten Hoogeveen, shares his experience how he supports the Voedselbank Zwolle.

The wish to control

Maarten: "A while ago, my colleagues and I were asked to help the Voedselbank Zwolle with their internal control. As the Voedselbank is a non-profit organisation, which is run by volunteers completely we applied for hours to support them at the Deloitte Impact Foundation. After our application was approved, we were able to provide them with pro-bono support.

Before we started, the administration was mainly done on paper. Throughout the year all documents were printed and saved in files and boxes. They also did not create a monthly report, so it was hard for them to be in control throughout the year. That's why they asked us for help.

The start

We started with a zero measurement of the internal organisation, we held different interviews to learn how everything was done. After that, we made a plan how we could help them get to be more in control.

For me it was a nice way to help and make an impact on society, by using my knowledge and experience. The wishes of the Voedselbank Zwolle were clear and it had to be done in an efficient way so more information could be gathered on a monthly basis. This helps the volunteers to do what they do best, which is helping people who are in a need of food.

Help on a recurring base

At the beginning of 2019, we started our work for the Voedselbank Zwolle. At first we were asked to proceed the bookkeeping of 2018. Immediately after that, we started to increase the internal structure of the organisation.

Nowadays, we are still in touch and still help out where needed. We report the figures of the Voedselbank Zwolle every month, in their new and structured way. The reactions we get from the volunteers are positive. They feel more in control of the daily business and feel free to help their customers.

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