Sustainability and impact at Deloitte Netherlands


Sustainability and impact at Deloitte Netherlands

Our responsibility to make a positive impact on society

Making an impact is more important than ever. We believe we have a responsibility to help society transition to a more sustainable future. To make an impact that matters to our clients, our people and society. The opportunity to create a more sustainable world is at our collective fingertips. We are compelled to act.

Sustainability: rooted in our purpose and strategy

We challenge ourselves every day to do what matters most. Our purpose defines the way we work and interact. As a key priority, sustainability is deeply rooted in our purpose and strategy. We have developed a three-fold approach that addresses the full width of our activities. Each dimension is led by a dedicated team:

  1. Helping our clients to become more responsible businesses
    For example, we are carrying out a comprehensive feasibility study for NortH2. NortH2 is a consortium that is currently developing the largest green hydrogen project in Europe, aimed at large-scale production of green hydrogen by farming wind at sea. Our study will lay the foundations for a truly viable green hydrogen economy. Read more about how we make the difference for our clients when it comes to sustainability.
  2. Contributing to our society
    Through the Deloitte Impact Foundation we share our core competences, knowledge and networks in societal initiatives. By this, we aim to make an impact in the fields of education & employment, sustainability and inclusive society.  For example, we partnered with the Ocean Cleanup to help them shape their business operations in a responsible way. Read more about the impact we make on society through our Deloitte Impact Foundation
  3. Becoming a more sustainable and responsible organisation ourselves. 
    Read further on this page how we are doing that.

Change starts from within

A core element of our approach to becoming a more responsible organisation is ensuring our organisation is sustainable and responsible. We launched our global WorldClimate programme specifically to drive responsible climate choices within our organisation and beyond.

  • Net-zero: we aim to be carbon neutral in 2025 for housing and mobility, and net zero in the longer term. We track our carbon footprint via the CO2 Performance Ladder certification Level 3 to gain insight and reduce emissions as much as possible. Read more on the SKAO website.
  • Embed sustainability: we align our climate policies, practices, and actions across our organisation with our sustainability ambitions.
  • Empowering individuals: we will empower our people to be better informed about professional and personal climate change impacts.
  • Engaging ecosystems: we will collaborate with clients, alliance partners, NGOs, industry groups, suppliers, and others to accelerate the sustainability transition.

More information can also be found in Our Plan: a dedicated microsite that outlines the specific objectives for Deloitte North and South Europe. Find more information about our goals and performance in the CO2 Performance Ladder report.

Our focus on five Sustainable Development Goals

In 2016, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 global goals to end all forms of poverty, to fight inequalities and tackle climate change. Based on our business model and the issues that are most relevant to us, we prioritised five SDGs that we believe are key to making a material impact. Read more about how we bring them to life in our 2020-2021 Integrated Annual Report.

Connect with us

Please reach out to Mark van Rijn, Internal Sustainability Lead at Deloitte Netherlands, if you have any questions about our internal sustainability strategy.

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