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SAP and Deloitte Alliance

Deloitte SAP reimagine everything for a complex world

In an effort to help organisations rapidly develop capabilities to address some of tomorrow's most complex challenges, Deloitte has partnered with SAP to create a new suite of services to enable digital transformation. We have stepped up our game to simplify your transformation journey by launching BOOST, a holistic offering of RISE with SAP and Deloitte’s intelligent and innovative solutions and services. 

About our Alliance

Deloitte, SAP SI partner of the year, assists clients enable the kinetic, intelligent, cloud-based enterprise with SAP technologies to help them reimagine everything, innovate quickly and evolve with confidence in the face of relentless disruption.

When disruption causes you to ask tough questions of your business, SAP solutions can indeed offer answers—and Deloitte can help.

With decades of experience collaborating with big enterprises and SMEs to enable SAP solutions, Deloitte brings an extensive set of skills for guiding you on your journey with SAP technologies to help you design, customise, and deploy an integrated environment for driving your business forward.

SAP Publications

  • The Future of Data Quality Management: Maximizing Business Value by Leveraging SAP S/4HANA. This article underscores the critical role of data quality management, particularly within the SAP S/4HANA framework, for informed decision-making and operational efficiency. Download the article.
  • Navigating Business Evolution: Harnessing SAP's Low-Code and No-Code Solutions for Agile Transformation. Businesses must be capable of responding rapidly to changing trends and customer needs. To address this, low-code and no-code platforms are becoming popular as they can help businesses meet these changing needs. Download the article
  • Real-Time Integration (RTI) from SAP revolutionizes Supply Chain Planning by providing immediate updates between SAP ERP systems and SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) – enabling planners to respond instantaneously to operational changes by using real-time data insights. This article highlights the strategic importance of RTI, its impact on operational efficiency, and Deloitte’s role as an implementation partner in driving successful RTI adoptions. Download the article.

Deloitte and SAP Solutions

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SAP recognized and awarded Deloitte several years at a row within different areas. The most recent recognitions are:


  • SAP Digital Transformation Partner of the Year
  • SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network Partner of the Year
  • SAP Pinnacle Awards: 
    • Delivery Quality
    • Cloud Business Transformation | Delivery Quality
    • Cloud Business Transformation with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition
    • SAP Business Technology Platform | Customer Success Execution 
    • Business Process Transformation    


  • Global Platinum Reseller of the Year.
  • SAP Pinnacle Awards:
    • Cloud Business Transformation – Sales Excellence
    • Sales Excellence – Large Enterprise
    • Industry Cloud
    • SAP Business Technology Platform

An overview of our award-winning alliance can be found here.

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