Consumer insights


Consumer insights

Understanding consumer behaviors and demands to enhance customer engagement

In 2020, what began as a global health crisis gave way to an economic crisis. As economies around the globe navigate new COVID cases, new virus strains and vaccine rollouts, we are living in a fundamentally altered world. To better understand changing consumer trends, sentiment and behaviour, Deloitte monthly surveys the relationship between physical and financial well-being, spending intentions and the trends accelerated by the pandemic.

Deloitte’s monthly Consumer Tracker survey monitors the attitudes and behaviors of over 23,000 consumers across 23 countries. The aim of our Tracker is to make regular comparisons between consumer markets in each of the countries and highlight any similarities and differences between them.

Visit the interactive dashboard to discover the latest findings on the current consumer mindset.

Latest consumer insights

How has the pandemic impacted the world of transportation – short term and long term?

Find out more about what we can expect in 2022 and beyond in terms of container transport, air freight, sourcing, the last mile, consumer convenience concepts and the gig economy.

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Why are car sales declining and what will 2022 and following years bring for the Dutch automotive market?

Find out more about the defining factors, the peculiarities of the Dutch market, and a new perspective on mobility.

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Will demand for travel look different in the future?

While spending intentions for leisure travel are encouraging, the recovery of the travel, hospitality and leisure sector remains uncertain, especially with the continuance and strengthening of COVID restrictions.

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Global Powers of Retailing 2022

In the past year retailers faced some strong economic headwinds against the backdrop of an unpredictable virus and its resurging variants. And yet retailers remained resilient and managed to grow in these unprecedented times and were able to respond to consumer expectations.

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2022 Consumer Products Industry Outlook

Bold moves made during last year’s uncertainty are paying off, as the year ahead for the consumer products industry looks to be one of strong economic growth. Yet, some challenges could stand in the way of continued progress. How can consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies outmaneuver of these obstacles? Explore Deloitte’s perspective and what 100 executives from apparel, household goods, personal care, and food & beverage companies think awaits them in the year ahead.

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2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study

What consumer trends and disruptive technologies will have the most impact on the automotive industry in the year ahead? Explore the data and insights from the 13th year of Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study, and discover how more than 26,000 consumers from 25 countries are feeling about advanced technologies, electric vehicles, the purchase experience, and more.

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