Consumer insights


Consumer insights

Understanding consumer behaviors and demands to enhance customer engagement

Deloitte reports, studies, and analyses that shed light on consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, empowering with valuable insights to navigate the dynamic world of consumer-driven markets. Explore the latest research that can assist in making strategic decisions and help to stay ahead in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Deloitte’s monthly ConsumerSignals survey monitors the attitudes and behaviors of 20,000 consumers across 20 countries. The aim of ConsumerSignals is to make regular comparisons between consumer markets in each of the countries and highlight any similarities and differences between them.

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Latest consumer insights

Are you ready to lead in the future of the consumer industry?

The future is fast approaching, and the consumer industry is on the precipice of dramatic change that will significantly impact the markets, models, and mechanics of consumer companies over the next decade. With all this uncertainty, one thing is clear: The strategies that led you to today likely won’t get you to the future. 

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How do consumers' preferences for sustainability and affordability impact businesses and future demand?

Find out more about the evolving landscape of conscious consumerism and its impact on businesses, including insights into consumer preferences for sustainable products, their willingness to pay extra, and the potential influence of economic uncertainty on the demand for ethical goods.

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What are the prominent consumer trends and disruptive technologies that will significantly shape the automotive industry in the coming year?

Find out more on the evolution of mobility, smart cities, connectivity, transportation, and other issues surrounding the movement of people and goods.

Read more about the trends and perspectives on mobility

What are the issues that make the journey in the Consumer Products Industry a tricky one?

Challenges like inflation, supply chain complexities, and labor issues are formidable obstacles individually, but their convergence presents a complex terrain to navigate within the Consumer Products Industry. Drawing from a survey of 150 global executives a clear picture emerges of what lies ahead in 2023.

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Global Powers of Retailing 2023

Over the previous years, retailers encountered significant economic challenges. Despite these formidable obstacles, retailers demonstrated remarkable resilience, achieving growth during these unparalleled circumstances and effectively meeting consumer expectations.

Read more about revenue growth and continued focus on sustainability in 2023

One-stop shop: Where healthcare meets retail

Healthcare needs are increasing, even as we experience a shortage of medical personnel, costs are rising. A solution is needed before the patient pool threatens to overflow and render European healthcare inaccessible, unaffordable and less effective.

Read more about the oppurtunities for European healthcare services

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