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FoodTech Accelerator

Connecting the world's largest brands with the most innovative startups

The Future of Food is a future of connected ecosystems. When startups and corporates join forces, innovation blooms. The FoodTech Accelerator programme drives innovation in the food industry by accelerating these connections.

What is the FoodTech Accelerator programme?

FoodTech Accelerator is an equity free, 15-weeks pilot-driven and business-oriented international programme that aims to develop industrial projects between forward thinking startups and leading corporations throughout the entire food chain by matching both the corporates’ and startups’ objectives.

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The scope

We are working with innovative startups in the following fields:

What does the programme offer?

  1. Innovation pilot and business opportunities with committed corporates. Check here for the 3rd edition FTA corporate partners.
  2. Design tailor made projects: The programme is stage agnostic and designs tailour made projects to achieve maximum results.
  3. Access to Deloitte’s international network: Access the worldwide network of renowned companies and Deloitte’s international expertise.

Track record

Within 2 years and 2 editions multiple startups and corporates have joined forces in the FoodTech Accelerator. Startups include Wasteless, Protifarm, and Zzinga. Wastless for example joined with a successful pilot between a poultry producer and a retailer. 

Summarised, the FoodTech Accelerator achieved the following results so far:

More about the FoodTech Accelerator programme

For more information regarding the program, please visit the FoodTech Accelerator website or contact the NL FoodTech Accelerator team by email at:

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