Personalised healthy nutrition


Personalised healthy nutrition

Explore the combined future of Food & health

The future of food will be much more personalised and healthy. Read the latest insights & impact stories.

Future of Food: personalised, responsible and healthy

How to prepare for the future of personalised nutrition

Connecting you to opportunities to both future proof your organisation, and make your contribution to a more sustainable and healthy food system.

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Personalised nutrition: connecting science and commerce

How big food corporates can impact your personal health

In the landscape of food companies, Unilever and Jumbo are massive players. Yet their size does not mean they only cater to the masses. Increasing insight into the link between food and health has led these companies to explore the part they play in improving food choices for individuals.

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Future of Protein

Preparing for an uncertain future

The protein industry is on the brink of radical transformation. Current protein production is taking a heavy toll on our planet, yet demand for it will only keep growing. An increasing world population, rising affluence, urbanisation and changing eating habits all contribute to the need for systemic change.

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The growing demand for plant-based alternatives

Consequences for traditional Food & Beverage companies

The global meat and dairy sector is going through an unprecedented level of competition and disruption, driven by the growth of viable plant-based alternatives. The European plant-based alternatives market leads the way in terms of market size, with the European meat substitutes market accounting for around 40 percent of the global market.

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