Responsible production and waste management


Responsible production and waste management

Find the opportunities in sustainable food business

The world population and global food demand are growing, while planetary boundaries are already under pressure. Prepare for the future of food with these articles on a more sustainable future of food.

Future of Food: Responsible Production

Connecting yield increase and sustainability

As the world grows to nearly 10 billion people in 2050, demand for food is expected to grow by more than 50 percent. Meanwhile, planetary boundaries are already under pressure, and the food and agriculture sector is a significant contributor. Scaling the current food system is therefore not an option. More effective and responsible production practices are needed.

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Future of Food: responsible waste management

Building a food system that is zero-waste and circular by design

Tackling food waste provides an enormous opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of food production. Moreover, food waste reduction has the potential to create business value. There is a surprisingly wide array of practices to reduce or ‘upcycle’ waste. It is key to understand which combination of practices will create the most impact and business value. A host of recent innovations can help bring clarity as well as solutions.

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Eye-opening insights into financing sustainable agriculture

Value and risk – what banks can learn from students

The world of finance is rapidly waking up to the fact that the tried-and-tested methods for calculating value have significant shortcomings. The models we have, work well when determining financial value, but are not great at incorporating environmental and social factors – which we need in order to calculate ”integrated value”. This is a story of how a group of ten students from the RSM Honours Programme studied one of society’s most pressing problems – the sustainability of our agricultural sector – and what banks can learn from the insights they generated.

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No food to waste

Pretend for a second you’re in a supermarket. You’ve got your shopping list. You’re scanning the shelves for some yoghurt. Two options: a cheaper one expiring tomorrow, and a full-price one lasting until next week. Which do you choose?

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Walter helps poor African farmers with his knowledge of international transactions

Walter Govers started at Deloitte as a working student. He is now a consultant at Transfer Pricing. He helped make an impact in Africa and Asia by participating in a project for the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

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