Digital Human

Elevating the Digital Human experience

In these times, we rely more and more on digital communication. While technologies for this have steadily improved in recent years (chatbots, virtual assistants), what people crave - now more than ever - is the human touch.

Meet our Digital Human Sophie

What is a Digital Human?

A Digital Human is an avatar that can produce a whole range of human body language. Backed by artificial intelligence that can interpret clients’ input and give back to them not just the facts they need but the appropriate non-verbal response as well.

  • Digital Humans are AI powered human-like virtual beings that offer the best of both: AI and Human conversation
  • They can easily connect to any digital brain to share knowledge (i.e. chatbot and NLP)
  • Interact using verbal and non-verbal cues – tone of voice and facial expressions
  • Making it possible to recreate natural human interaction at scale
  • Additionally, they are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week; never have an off day.

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Technology and implementation

Digital Humans can provide client support and coaching, while still enabling a human emotional connection. A Digital Human is based on four platforms. The chatbot layer enables the conversation with a Digital Human. This is where we train the Digital Human to recognize the clients questions, and give the correct response. This can be, for example with Google Cloud DialogFlow. The text of the chatbot is converted into speech, in a voice of your choosing. Conversely, the customer's spoken question is converted back into text for the chatbot to process. A visual layer provides the actual Digital Human and background. This layer is managed by Uneeq. Between the chatbot and the visual layer, emotional presence and facial expressions are programmed, to reflect at the right point in the response.

Deloitte integrates all these layers. We create the user interface based on customer requirements, build the conversational flow, and ensure that the visuals are in line with the client’s brand and use case.

Partnerships: UneeQ and Google Cloud

Our global alliance helps clients solve their toughest challenges, combining Google Cloud’s leading innovative solutions with UneeQ's revolutionary customer experience plus Deloitte’s industry, technology and transformational capabilities. The powerful collaboration allows to design, build and grow new digital business with the technology and culture to make it happen. Together, with our partners, we leverage deep knowledge and expertise of the future within each industry and to enable a culture of rapid innovation with the best digital engineers.


“With digital human engagements having a positive impact across healthcare, financial, retail and several other industries, we are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Deloitte and usher in a new era of human to machine interaction. Deloitte has an extensive track record of success in conversational AI, and we are elated to work alongside their best and brightest to create significant value through exceptional customer experiences.”

- Danny Tomsett, Founder and CEO of UneeQ

Google Cloud

“Digital Human is a great example of how Deloitte expertise in the human-like avatar domain can be combined with Google Cloud AI and machine learning technology to support the increased demands of customers to have a more human interaction with their customers. The partnership enables us to address customer needs with solutions that go beyond what virtual assistants can offer.” 

Simon van Beurden, Partner Business Manager, Google Cloud.


How do we work?

Our project
We organize our projects based on the Hybrid-Agile methodology where we are able to deliver fast and flexibly. We start with a Design Workshop, to define the optimal use case and first Digital Human personality traits. Together with the client we then build the prototype for a first conversational use case in a matter of weeks. 

Our role
Deloitte is a key implementation partner for Digital Humans. They create the user interface based on customer requirements and build the conversational flow and emotional presence for the defined use case. We tailor the technology to fit with your business processes and guide you through the implementation.

Our commitment
By leveraging our deep knowledge of all the necessary platform technology, both from a technical and conversational perspective, as well as our hybrid-agile way of working, together we can deliver a working prototype in five weeks.

America By Design - Digital Human

We are proud to show our work on Digital Humans in the new America by Design episode. Watch the full episode here, where the Digital Human is showcased at 30.10 min.

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