The Trust Experience


The Trust Experience

Elevate your privacy- and data strategy into a competitive advantage

The use of data in marketing has focused on creating relevant experiences for the user (always-on and personalized) to increase business results. New regulations, the sunset of cookies and changes in Marketing Technology show us that we need to reconsider our use of consumer data. Only by putting the full human experience in the centre of decision making, including their need for privacy and trust, can we benefit from our rich data to genuinely improve the experience of our customers. we call this The Trust Experience.

What is The Trust Experience?

Business models are shifting to online and becoming further reliant on data to meet customer demands. The changing rules of the game put customer trust all the more at stake, as it becomes the crux of customer engagement and responsible data management. Customer trust is key to businesses who want to thrive, as we found that 88% of consumers will buy again from brands they trust and 62% will almost buy exclusively from brands they trust. Trust is gained, not only by applying the latest regulations, but by giving your customers control over what they share and over how much they trust you with their data. With The Trust Experience, We help your business responsibly engage with your customers by prioritising trust in the relationship with your customers by going beyond compliance with the latest regulations

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How does it work?

Deloitte has identified the 5 core values organizations should act upon when delivering The Trust Experience. These values are at the heart of The Trust Experience, and our team has identified key enablers that will lead to organizations being able to responsibly engage with their customers.

How can we help?

A recurring challenge for marketeers and data privacy professionals is that they work in silos, independent of one another. This leads to a suboptimal customer experience. We offer a combined approach, where our expert team of advertising and marketing professionals as well as privacy and data protection professionals work together to enable the seamless integration of user experience and privacy for your business and really build that competitive advantage.

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The value of a better privacy experience online

Privacy notices and cookie banners have become an essential part of our online experience. This derives from new privacy regulations such as the GDPR, which requires organizations to be transparent about the way they use personal data and aims to give individuals greater control over their data. In the online environment, this has resulted in the use of cookie banners, referring to long privacy notices. Let’s find a better way!

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The Puzzle of the Online Privacy Experience - when Marketing and Privacy meet

Consumer-oriented marketers have focused on using data to learn more about consumers and to communicate with them in personalized ways. Placing cookies, pixels and other trackers to collect data within a user’s web browser or anywhere else on their device has become a common approach for Marketing teams to better understand what consumers want. Privacy principles, on the other hand, create boundaries on the use and re-use of personal data. For example, basic privacy principles require that only the minimum data necessary is collected, for a specific purpose. How do we navigate this apparent paradox and create value for our customers?

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First-party data is key in a new era for digital advertising

Recognizing and targeting audiences based on third-party cookies will no longer be possible from 2022. A world without cookies is a challenge for an advertising ecosystem that has been so successful because of widespread data availability. But simultaneously, this challenge presents a huge opportunity for brands that embrace privacy as part of their customer relationships. First-party data, customer trust and user control will be vital to your future strategy. Let’s reconsider our way of work in data.

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Apple enhances privacy as marketers look for the human connection

With Apple doubling down on privacy in iOS 14.5, marketers wonder how they can build the human connection without access to data. Consent is the keyword for meaningful relations between customers and businesses. What do these changes mean for your business and The Trust Experience?

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