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Realizing meaningful decarbonization transformations

Get your emission reduction targets realized, create revenue from it, protect margins and reduce risks

Climate change poses significant business risks, both financial and operational risks such as extreme weather events damaging physical assets, policy changes altering industry dynamics, consumer preferences for purpose-driven companies leading to increased consumer switching. They all disrupt the value chain leading to increased costs and lost revenue.

Your opportunity

Decarbonization represents an opportunity to address those risks and drive value. Decarbonizing your food supply chain will:

  • Enhance innovation & efficiency
  • Increase future shareholder value
  • Build resiliency in supply
  • Improve access to capital
  • Strengthen brand reputation
  • Create new revenue and protect margins

As a result over 1,200 global companies have set emission reduction targets and 20% of the world's largest 2,000 public companies have set net-zero commitments. By incentivizing decarbonization, carbon markets have created new revenue. By 2030, the demand for carbon credits is expected to increase >15x and up to 100x by 2050. Global carbon offset markets are projected to grow to $200B by 2050.

Your challenge

There are numerous opportunities to reduce your emissions, but what to do, where to begin and how to implement? You need answers for the following questions:

  • What are the emissions hot spots within your portfolio?
  • What abatement opportunities best align with your strategic objectives How can your position help you differentiate?
  • Where do you start? Who are the ecosystem players? How do you coordinate with them?
  • What KPIs and metrics are most important for your business to understand? How do you measure, track, and report on progress against your carbon and revenue goals?
  • Where do you need to grow, transform, and / or innovate to commercialize abated carbon in your value chain and lead in the market?

Why Deloitte

  • Deloitte has built experience working with companies to analyze their emissions, and design carbon pilots and launch their carbon business.
  • Deloitte’s deep industry and supply chain knowledge, expertise in sustainability and carbon markets, and advanced technological capabilities allow it to provide services with a lasting impact.

Our solution

Our solution is an end to end offer that will allow you to reap the benefits of your decarbonization opportunity in food. The Deloitte offer encompasses:

  1. Identification and assessment of your decarbonization opportunities in food value chain: We will create your multi-year strategy by prioritizing products/ingredients by footprints, influence, and business impact, GHG emissions, water usage and more.
  2. Planning and prioritizing of carbon abatement project implementations: We will develop venture economics and analyze cost / payback data from the carbon program and provide decision support around critical strategic choices for your business.
  3. Realize meaningful carbon transformations: We will create and implement low carbon business models fitting your emission reduction goal, create branding and marketing, create tracking solutions used by your customers and value chain.
  4. Commercialize on carbon assets and unlock value: Prioritizing to commercialize and scale decarbonization opportunities to optimize value capture from abatement and generate revenue from it.
  5. Measure, report and manage portfolio of abatement activities.

It is time to act now!

Are you ready for our food system decarbonization challenge? We have organized a webinar focusing on decarbonizing the food supply chain that took place in January 2022. In this webinar, keynote speakers from Agrifirm and Kerry described how they are moving from commitment to successful execution in the decarbonization journey.

You can download the slides here of the first webinar.

In February 2022 we organized a second webinar where we brought this discussion to the next level. Participants had the opportunity to raise any challenges they are experiencing with decarbonizing the food system. We had a panel of food executives from Agrifirm, Kerry and Deloitte who shared their experiences and perspectives to overcome these challenges and together realize a decarbonized food system.

You can download the slides here of our most recent webinar and rewatch both of the webinars below. 

Decarbonizing food system webinar recordings

More information? Contact us!

Do you need support to start your decarbonization journey or do you need to accelerate your current decarbonization transformations to maximize impact? Or do you have any questions, please contact us. 


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