Waarde toevoegen gedurende de gehele Private Equity Lifecycle


Episode 1: Optimising value throughout the entire Private Equity Lifecycle

Advice and insight at every stage of the Private Equity lifecycle

This series of publications offers profound insights into the crucial role of finance, accounting, and tax throughout the Private Equity lifecycle. From managing tax assets for added value on exit to strategic planning for mid-cycle challenges like international expansion and refinancing – we prepare you for success.

Deloitte's Private Equity (PE) practice has strong and established relationships with some of the world’s leading investors, funds and portfolio companies. We focus on understanding and aligning with your Private Equity lifecycle. From acquisition through the mid-cycle growth phase towards exit and beyond, careful strategic planning is critical to your chances of success.

Our dedicated specialists work closely with management teams to provide bespoke solutions for PE-backed businesses – from M&A and international expansion to value creation working with PE investors, through IPO and exit. Focusing on value enhancement at every stage of the Private Equity lifecycle.

This series of publications provides insight into the relevance of finance, accounting and tax at each stage of the lifecycle, paying particular attention to how to manage tax assets effectively with the goal of adding value on exit. Each publication will cover a separate stage of the lifecycle, starting with a deeper look into the key issues that should be considered by management teams immediately after acquisition.

Subsequent publications will consider the challenges at the mid-cycle stages, such as international expansion, bolt-on acquisitions, refinancing and /or other liquidity events. In each case, the focus is on being prepared, and ultimately deriving value on exit.

In our experience of working closely with management teams of PE-backed businesses, setting a clear financial and tax strategy and prioritized agenda early on is a key success factor. Developing a joint perspective on finance and tax can take your finance and tax function to the next level. That perspective needs to be in the context of (global) efficiencies, alignment with the business (as well as the investor) and value enhancement throughout the PE lifecycle, alongside compliance.

While value is realised upon exit, the value creation process starts directly after completion.

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