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Digital Supply Network Lab

Co-create your digital supply network strategy and turn your supply chain into an always-on strategic differentiator

In our rapidly changing world, supply chains can make or break companies as it drives the way how products are designed, planned, manufactured and delivered. Simultaneously, new technologies enable organizations to enhance supply chain capabilities across their network. Can you imagine managing a self-driving supply chain?

A unique experience to imagine and co-create your digital supply network future

The DSN Lab will be hosted in the Garage, housed in the iconic former Citroën garage in Amsterdam (NL). It is our physical and digital showroom. A place for cultivation – of ideas, digital insights, opportunities – where we can help supply chain and operations executives imagine their digital future and co-create their business’ digital supply network strategy.

The DSN Lab is a day-long, hands-on experience focusing on three key elements:

  1. Experience an interactive DSN Game to learn all about digital technologies across the supply chain domains. Understand the performance improvements via a cognitive supply chain control tower;
  2. Explore digital technologies in-depth to assess the added value to your business;
  3. Use this fresh perspective to co-create your business’ digital supply network strategy and set transformation priorities.

Are you ready to create a sustainable business future?

You will walk away from the DSN Lab with a tangible plan to kick-start your transformation journey. Sign up via the form below and start creating a sustainable digital future!

Digital Supply Chain Game Workshop

The interactive DSN Game can also be hosted as a separate, virtual workshop. Specifically designed to learn all about the supply chain impact of digital technologies and experience a cognitive supply chain control tower. Our facilitators will help translate this experience into new insights to run your business.

Digital Supply Network Lab

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