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Manufacturers are using Industry 4.0 to transform their business. What are the benefits of Industry 4.0 for organisations? And what can we bring to your organisation?

What are the benefits of Industry 4.0 for organisations?

Asset efficiency & productivity

Reams of data are generated through continuous analysis, which reveals asset performance issues that can require corrective optimization for maintaining and improving productivity. Asset efficiency should translate into lower asset downtime, optimized capacity, and reduced changeover time, among other potential benefits.


Quality defect trends can be identified sooner and can help to identify a discrete human, machine, or environmental causes of poor quality. This could lower scrap rates and lead times, and increase fill rates and yield. A more optimized quality process could lead to a better quality product with fewer defects and recalls.

Cost reduction

Optimized processes traditionally lead to more cost-efficient processes. A better process could also mean an integrated view of the supply network with rapid, no latency responses to sourcing needs, lowering costs further. Since a better quality process may also mean a better quality product, it could also mean lowered warranty and maintenance costs.


The types of operational efficiencies that Industry 4.0 can provide may result in a smaller environmental footprint than in a conventional manufacturing process, with greater environmental sustainability overall.


Greater process autonomy may provide for less potential for human error, including industrial accidents that cause injury. Technologies will likely replace certain roles that require repetitive and fatiguing activities, with the role of the human worker taking on greater levels of judgment and on the spot discretion, leading to greater job satisfaction.

Flexibility & Agility

Manufacturers can implement the smart factory in many different ways and reconfigure it to adjust as existing priorities change or new ones emerge. One of the most important features of the smart factory, agility, also presents manufacturers with multiple options to leverage digital and physical technologies depending on their specific needs.

How can we help your business' digital supply chain?

Deloitte offers several solutions along the value chain, such as:

  • Digital Development: Optimize product lifecycle management with advanced digital tactics.
  • Synchronized Planning: Provide significant efficiencies through synchronization.
  • Intelligence Supply: Reduce costs through new advanced technologies, models, and capabilities.
  • Smart Factory: Unlock new efficiencies by a more connected, agile, and proactive factory.
  • Dynamic Fulfillment: Boost customer service through new levels of speed and agility.
  • Connect Customer: Create seamless customer engagement from inspiration to service.

More information?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what Deloitte can bring to your organisation, please contact us.

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