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Unique European Rooftop Solar Tool

Analyze the potential of any commercial roof in European countries according to your selection.

Perform area-specific analyses, develop and find suitable roofs (roof surface area of > 6,000m2) for commercial rooftop solar projects

Develop and calculate own estimates of the performance of potential solar installations, by varying certain assumptions to reflect your view

The Rooftop Solar Tool has been created to provide you insights into the commercial rooftop solar potential in Europe

The interactive map shows the roof surface suitable for commercial solar per municipality in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, and Hungary. The map is based on one of the most detailed datasets available for European solar. Calculate the potential solar energy yield per object, perform analyses based on your own assumptions and find suitable roofs for commercial rooftop solar projects. Complement your analyses and analyze remaining objects available for SDE+ application.

Get started and find out about the solar potential in your area.

Analyze the potential of any commercial roof in Europe according to your selection

SDE Subsidy

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Please select a building on the map and add it to your selection to show the results. You can export the results as a PDF file, but please note that this may take a minute.

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