Holacracy driving Sustainable Future Winners

A white paper in cooperation with the Maastricht University

This report aims to inform the reader about fast growing startups and scaleups ‘the Sustainable Future Winners’ with experience in self-organizing - and in particular with holacracy.

Winners of the Future

We live in a complex society. The world is rapidly changing and we have to adapt. Organizations remain busy with the challenge to respond better, faster, more efficiently and more effectively to the world's demands to create a better world, happier customers and happier employees. 

The winners of the future explore and experiment. They empower change and make a difference. To reach great ambitions you need great people. People that make optimal use of their talent for complex problem solving. And that's where Holacracy comes in.


An environment where colleagues can work on the best version of themselves, work together based on their strengths and help each other. That
leads to peak performance.


Holacracy. A form of self-organization that, if implemented and executed well, enables you to be better, faster and stronger. Fast growing companies like Lightyear, Springest, Viisi, and are already experimenting and working with Holacracy and they have shared their insights and learnings.

Read the article to learn more about Holacracy and how it can contribute to your success while also having eye for the downsides.

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