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Harvest the power of visual thinking in your own work

We believe that visuals are powerful. They enable us to think more clearly, to come to a solution and to share these insights with others. There is a reason visual thinking strategies are becoming increasingly popular in the business environment.

Complex problem-solving, judgment and decision-making skills are key for today’s professionals in order to achieve strategic objectives. The Visual Fundamentals training helps you to further develop these skills as you learn to take a different approach towards unraveling complexity.

A new strategy

We see an increasing need for new strategies to get to the core of the problem. With less time and more work, speed is a key component in effective communication. A challenge made easy with a simple concept: make it visual. 

Visuals are quick, they grab people’s attention. Next to that, we have experienced that the way of working of designers – iteration, new perspectives – can be of tremendous value. Something you as a professional could benefit from as well, using our visual thinking methodology: The Visual Fundamentals.

The Visual Fundamentals Methodology

We have developed a visual thinking strategy that helps professionals get to the gist of a complex problem, taking a three phased approach. In this process we work with one project (per professional) divided into three phases. 

We start by delving into the information to determine the purpose and scope of your story. What is the key component you want to start off from? Which level of attention should each element be given? 

After establishing the key components, we move over to creating a visual representation. In creating these creative concepts, you will create your own sketches, visual drafts and ultimately work towards a final design. Continuous iteration with us and the group will take place to test whether the right choices are being made. 

In the final phase, we work towards clearly communicating the issue at hand. 

The goal of this process is to apply visual thinking strategies to unravel complexity and to hand you the tools of effective (visual) communication.

More information on The Visual Fundamentals methodology?

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Why Deloitte

The Visual Fundamentals methodology is developed by the Deloitte Designing Insight team. The team is seen as the most innovative team in the field as they combine design with the scientific knowledge of behavioral psychology and cognition. Deloitte specializes in incorporating visualization within your organization, training your employees, and creating effective visual communication for complex cases within your organization. They focus specifically on communicating in business-to-business settings where both sender and receiver are specialists and operate in a content-driven context.

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