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HR Benefits

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Deloitte advises you in determining future-proof employee benefits that align with your company’s HR policy and strategy.

Your challenge

Human resources are often the most important asset of a company and are crucial to the company’s performance. The HR policy and strategy of a company can ensure that human resources are used in the most efficient and effective way to maximize their contribution to the company’s performance.

The labor market is subject to major changes which tend to follow each other rapidly. Major changes include automation of operational processes, availability of qualified and more demanding employees as well as changes in laws and legislation. These changes create challenges to a company and its HR department.

The company can face multiple challenges regarding HR, such as:

  • How to attract and retain the right kind of employees but also stay in control of the personnel costs; 
  • The employer wants to harmonize employee benefit packages, possibly due to past mergers and/or acquisitions;
  • Employees are looking for validation beyond traditional employee benefits and expect an approach responsive to their individual needs and wishes, including wellbeing, career development and recognition (“employee experience”).

Deloitte advises clients and provides all the services and support needed for clients to face these challenges. Together with our clients we convert these challenges from threats into opportunities.

Our solution

Improving and optimizing the employee benefits of your company is not possible without understanding the current situation. Deloitte can assist you as an employer with assessing your company’s available HR data and provide you with value-added insights. These analyses are the starting point for improving and optimizing employee benefits.

Deloitte can assist you with (among others):

  • Identify the HR goals of your company (including KPIs like personnel costs and development of the workforce) and assess the alignment with the strategy and operations of your company;
  • Qualitative analysis of the employee benefits;
  • Determine the expected future personnel costs and level of benefits for the employees based on different scenarios of potential future employee benefit packages;
  • Identify and assess the needs and wishes of the employees including quantification to enable the optimal use of available resources;
  • Providing assistance during the process of implementation of changes to the employee benefits, including negotiations with employee representatives and communication with the employees.

Why Deloitte

Our HR advisors have comprehensive knowledge and experience with a broad range of HR engagements. We have the qualitative and quantitative skills that are required, including the use of advanced HR tools. Our efficient and hands-on approach ensures a successful completion of the engagement.

Deloitte is a global firm with extensive experience and expertise in all areas of HR. We have the ability to mobilize resources and can provide additional expertise in the areas of HR consulting, employment tax and legal HR.


Jeroen Linders

Jeroen Linders

Senior Manager

Jeroen is an advisor on pension and benefits. As part of the Deloitte Rewards network, his focus is on strategic advice for our corporate clients who face difficult decisions with respect to designing... More