Pension Accounting


Pension Accounting

IFRS, US GAAP and Dutch GAAP valuations

For long-term employee benefits, under IFRS, US GAAP or Dutch GAAP, employers may need to recognize a liability on their balance sheet. With specific requirements for each accounting standard, these can be complex questions.

Your challenge

Offering a pension plan, jubilee plan or other long-term employee benefit plan to your employees also has consequences for your balance sheet. For the one benefit a liability needs to be calculated and recognized while for a different type of benefit recognizing the annual premiums in the profit or loss account is sufficient. On top of that, different accounting standards require different treatments which will impact your balance sheet while often being open for (some) interpretation. The variety of benefits, accounting standards and interpretation leads to questions: how to treat a specific benefit under a specific accounting standard? What is the liability that should be recognized? How to transfer the long-term employee benefit liabilities from one accounting standard to another accounting standard?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte has many years of experience in advising on and valuating long-term employee benefits with respect to IFRS, US GAAP, IPSAS and Dutch GAAP. We understand the intricacies of the accounting standard and know what the best practice interpretations are. Our Deloitte IFRS Centre of Excellence is on top of any (proposed) changes in the accounting standards, which enables us to proactively engage with you on the impact of those changes.

Our solution

We offer a wide range of solutions to fully support your year-end long-term employee benefit valuation process:

  • Year-end valuations under IFRS, US GAAP, IPSAS or Dutch GAAP
    Both on local as well as a consolidating level, we can prepare the input for your annual accounts regarding long-term employee benefits. From the assumption setting process to the final report, all the while keeping your auditor aligned to ensure a smooth year-end process.
  • Position papers
    We can provide a second opinion on any accounting challenges you face. In cooperation with our IFRS Centre of Excellence, we will share our interpretation and substantiate this with the broad experience we have, allowing you to discuss with your auditor.
  • Transitional advise
    We can guide you in your transition to a different accounting standards, ensuring you will fulfill the new requirements as well as spot opportunities that arise from this transition. For a broader transition advice, we can build on the extensive experience of our Audit practice.


Jeroen Linders

Jeroen Linders

Senior Manager

Jeroen is an advisor on pension and benefits. As part of the Deloitte Rewards network, his focus is on strategic advice for our corporate clients who face difficult decisions with respect to designing... More