Change Management

Transforming with a human-centered approach

In today’s world of rapid evolution, the only constant guaranteed is change. Learning how to navigate these changes effectively is therefore more crucial now than ever. Deloitte's Change Management team focuses on managing the most important aspect of change, the people. We ensure that people are inspired to move to a new reality and can successfully adapt to the changes that any transformation brings. It’s about changing peoples’ minds and behaviour to transform your organisation in a sustainable way.

Today, the biggest challenge many organisations face is change. Working in a world that is rapidly evolving means that individuals need to adapt quickly and organisations must position themselves to grow sustainably and stay ahead of others. Some businesses are unable to navigate the unknown terrain of change successfully. But with a tailored approach, this can be an opportunity. A chance to transform for the better, emerge stronger and more powerful than ever. 

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
— Winston S. Churchill

Deloitte’s Change Consultants are experienced in managing extraordinary organisational transformations. We take on anything from changing fundamental business processes through an IT-cloud platform, to modifying an organisation’s structure by implementing agile ways of working, to a merger that may require cultural transformation.

Organisations flourish when presented with the opportunity to embrace a new future and our specialists work in multidisciplinary teams to guarantee this. We focus on inspiring people to accept, adapt and thrive throughout the transformations by addressing the myriad of elements - economic, demographic, social, technological, ecological and political - that extraordinary change entails. The value that Deloitte brings into these transformations ranges from improved communication with a better decision-making process, increased acceptance to change and even a minimal productivity dip after go-live. During this transformation process, we also ensure the well-being of the teams involved in making it a reality by applying our extensive toolkit and tailoring it to the organisation and transformation team needs.

At the center of our human-centered approach lies the Deloitte’s Vision2Value model, which compresses the latest scientific and practical insights into useful information that can be applied in the design and execution phases of transformations. By placing change management at the heart of all business transformations, our mission is to humanize organisations through unlocking the true value of your people.


The typical challenges that we see organisations face are part of three categories, and are often interlinked: Digital Enablement, Organisational and Cultural Change. Our consultants work side by side with client teams to tackle different innovation initiatives and make them work well together, whether that means transitioning to a new HR platform or a switch in the organisational structure (or both at the same time). In some situations, there is also a need for a highly data-driven approach. Our ChangeScout solution deploys on-site experts to understand the organisation-specific change management challenges and integrate them fully, driving transformation and tracking people readiness through integrated dashboards.

Digital Enablement

Despite accelerating digital investments to future-proof their organisations, companies find that the competitive advantage remains elusive. Introducing new technology does not automatically lead to user adoption and new ways of working. Transforming toward a digital enterprise requires a holistic approach; building new capabilities and a shift in the company’s culture and mindset. At their core, digital transformations are about unlocking human potential, and therefore our change management approach focuses on what the change ultimately is about: changing human behaviour. Our change consultants know how to apply behavioural change during a digital transformation to support a successful implementation, and help the business realize the full value after go-live.

Organisational Change

For holistic transformations, the first step is often redesigning the organisation itself. This can either mean changing the top structure, aiming for a greater global versus local balance, striving for higher agility or simply desiring to improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency. Organisations also face the need for organisational change in the event of M&A or restructuring activity. This type of change is often catalyzed by massive market shifts for which companies need to adapt, such as preparing for the future of work (hybrid working in the case of the Coronavirus pandemic) or to become a more sustainable organisation.

Culture Change

Any large business transformation, whether this is connected to changes in the digital landscape or organisational structure, can only be successful when the culture of the organisation enables its people to thrive and to align with the business strategy. Creating a culture for change that will unlock the company's potential will inevitably lead to realizing its full people, business and social value.

We explain culture as an ecosystem of interconnected attributes that shape the way people think, what they say and how they behave. There is no one-size-fits-all organisational culture. With expertise in change leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, effective team collaboration (High Performing Teams) and behaviour change, our change management consultants know how to assess the organisational culture and how to guide people towards a culture that supports and drives the business strategy.


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