Enterprise-wide Organization Design


Enterprise-wide Organization Design

Designing and organizing your organization to realize strategic ambitions

Realizing strategic ambitions for the future can often be enabled by adjustments to your Target Operating Model, organization structure, governance, ways of working, and/or required capabilities. We advise clients in re-designing and reorganizing their organization and ways-of-working: from a change in top-structure up to a full reorganization of multiple functions or departments. As restructuring is an impactful experience for leaders and employees, it requires a careful and structured approach. Our experienced team of organization design experts provide point solutions and a proven approach to start realizing your organizational changes, thereby enabling your strategic ambitions.

The Organization Design Maturity Model video outlines the four levels of organization design maturity, discussing the characteristics of each and the benefits companies gain by reaching higher levels of maturity.

Organization Design Maturity Model

Today’s competitive business environment poses many strategic challenges to businesses. As a result, many organizations feel the need to restructure or reshape their Target Operating Model, organization structure, and add new capabilities, in order to maintain competitive in quickly changing and challenging markets.

Transformation and restructuring, especially on an enterprise-wide level, is a sensitive and complex process. It involves people’s positions, daily work, and who they work with. We are experienced at supporting leaders execute this process carefully, and to realise the necessary changes in their organization. Our organization design consultants do this by a proven methodology that involves a strong collaboration with our clients in order to create fit for purpose organizational models.

As the scope and frequency of organization restructurings keep increasing, our team constantly develops a dynamic and adaptable approach to changing client needs. We do this by incorporating the latest market insights of our clients industries. We base our advice for suitable organization design options on worldwide organizational design trends, and our day-to-day experience at clients. Next to that we focus on minimizing risk and disruption to the standing organization.

Our Enterprise-wide Organization Design team within Human Capital Consulting provides our clients with comprehensive advise and solutions that address all dimensions of an enterprise design. We support you to plan for a reorganization that will successfully achieve your targeted benefits, and achieve your strategic ambitions.


Arno van den Bergh

Arno van den Bergh


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