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Infrastructure and Capital Programmes

Leading business transformation for high profile, complex and large capital programmes

We support our clients in shaping, designing and delivering transformation journeys for their Capital Programmes: long-term, capital-intensive investment projects with a purpose to build upon, add to, or improve an asset.

We are currently seeing a ‘golden age’ for investment in infrastructure and capital projects across both the public and private sectors; annual global infrastructure investment is expected to rise from $2.5tr today to $3.8tr by 2040. Today’s major projects are increasingly complex and under significant scrutiny. Scale, duration and complexity are growing, as are expectations around predictability and control. No-one likes surprises; the unexpected is unacceptable whether from a HSSE, cost, schedule or quality perspective. Tighter control is essential, to minimise risk and provide delivery confidence.

Capital Programmes is a Global team of over 4,000 specialists combining consulting and industry experience, with engineering, construction or project management backgrounds.

Our propositions blend the latest thinking in strategy and management consulting with engineering, asset management, commercial management, programme management and economic development expertise across all capital-intensive sectors.

Target Operating Model

A large capital programme can be complex and multi-dimensional, which require an operating model that is aligned to the delivery outcomes and flexible throughout the various phases of the programme lifecycle. This means a holistic design approach is needed that considers the following layers of the delivery environment, and how they come together to work as a single delivery unit:

  • Governance
  • Data
  • Technology
  • Process

Digital Capital Projects

Enabling capital project organisations to adopt the latest technology innovations and develop their capability to use deep data insights and analytics for better control, efficient delivery and operations for capital projects. This helps in advising clients by:

  •  Helping clients understand the benefits of digital transformation in capital projects delivery
  • Supporting clients on development of their digital roadmap based on an understating of their projects and challenges
  • Delivering tangible outcomes in areas such as data management, reporting and analytics, enterprise architecture, content and contract collaboration

Asset Management

Asset management is the process to generate maximum value from a physical asset base for an organisation by balancing the operational performance of the asset against the asset lifecycle cost and its risk profile for all relevant stakeholders. It can help with:

  • Delivering capital projects and asset renewals on schedule to cost & quality
  • Safely meeting or exceeding productive capacity expectations • Whole life cost of asset, optimising customer outcomes and asset performance
  • Optimising overall performance and life cycle costs

Programme Controls

Control processes are used to understand and strategically influence the cost and schedule outcomes of projects and programmes. This is achieved through effective control and communication of key information to allow for appropriate decision making. More specifically, by addressing the have 5 pillars of programme controls:

  • Cost management
  • Schedule management 
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Reporting


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