Organization Design Analytics


Organization Design Analytics

Data-driven decision making to support Organization Design

In organization design (OD) we leverage data-driven solutions in the forms of various tools to create the most effective decision making and design support for our clients. Our OD Analytics experts use both self-developed analytics tools and external tools to ensure a best-fit for the questions, in order to analyze, design and optimize both formal and informal organizational design structures.

Deloitte Adaptable Organization Network Analysis (AONA)

Adaptable Organization Network Analysis (AONA) allows us to go beyond the surface of the formal organization structure to uncover invisible networks, and understand how people actually collaborate across functions and teams.

In modern-day organizations, the only constant is change. Organizations therefore need to stay on top of their game by continuously developing the strategy and structure of the organization. In order to keep up with these challenges, It is crucial to do analysis based on organizational data in order to gain insights that will guide the right decisions.

By harnessing the power of analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to uncover hidden relationships from vast amounts of data. Implementing the right organization design strategy and technology will balance speed, cost, and quality to deliver measurable business value.

Most organization Design Analytics tools combine HR data with business information to provide clarity on issues as organizational size and capabilities to deliver on the business strategy. Analytics tools can be leveraged in organization growth projects, Mergers and Acquisitions, separations, and business assessments.

Over the years Deloitte has gained experience in various state of the art tools for different purposes. A few examples of the wide range of possibilities are:

  • AONA: a network analysis tool (both formal & informal networks)
  • Orgvue: a current state and organizational chart modelling tool, including workforce transition tracking.
  • Orgsuite: an insights dashboard to analyze the current state.

Our Organization Design Analytics team can advise and help you in selecting the right analyses to support solving organization design challenges, and meet strategic objectives.

Adaptable Organization Network Analysis


Doreen Fassaert

Doreen Fassaert


Doreen Fassaert is working within the Organization Design practice of Human Capital Consulting with a strong focus on Org Design Analytics. In her over 6 years’ experience she gained a knowledge in br... More