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Strategic Portfolio Management

Ensures effective delivery of strategic objectives and improves overall project performance.

Deloitte’s Strategic Portfolio Management practice recognizes the need for a solid (agile) portfolio management approach. It ensures effective delivery of strategic objectives and improves overall project performance.

Strategy and strategic initiatives grow and re-direct organizations. A key challenge for senior leaders is to keep bridging the gap between strategy formulation and execution in both waterfall and agile based organizations.

Questions that may arise in a waterfall minded organization:

  • How do you translate the strategy into reality, and manage the portfolio to ensure effective program alignment, resource allocation and benefits realization?
  • How do you structure & coordinate a related set of projects to ensure that the benefits are delivered for each program within the total enterprise portfolio?
  • How do you ensure that the work streams are delivered on time and within budget and quality standards?

Questions that may arise in an agile minded organization:

  • How do you prioritize and plan initiatives while still keeping flexibility in dealing with (last minute) changes?
  • How do you align (bottom up) agile initiatives with a (top down) strategy and define the benefits?
  • How do you monitor whether the agile teams are realizing the benefits and business goals without expecting an overkill of (administrative) reporting activities?

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a critical capability enabling organizations to define and deliver their change portfolio. Deloitte would like to take you further on the road of delivering and improving your SPM capability. A company’s mission may not vary frequently, but the strategy to achieve the mission can change rapidly. How can SPM help you as an organization to achieve your strategic objectives and further reduce costs by focusing on what matters most? The SPM capability exists of three building blocks namely - strategic alignment, prioritization & planning and controlled delivery:

  • Strategic alignment: “What are the right things to do?”
  • Prioritization & Planning: “Are we doing (enough of) the right things at the right time?”
  • Controlled delivery: “Are the right things delivering the value we expect?”

By answering these questions, Deloitte helps clients in improving the following SPM capabilities:

  • Strategic alignment: Realize business strategy by aligning your project/value stream portfolio to your organizational goals
  • Prioritization & Planning: Prioritize and plan your change portfolio to bring your change ambition in line with your change capacity
  • Controlled delivery: Ensure a successful delivery of your project/value stream portfolio, while also ensuring that your portfolio adapts to changes


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