Corporate Law


Corporate Law

Deloitte Legal provides a full range of corporate law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions processes) through to general secretarial services. Deloitte Legal advises both national and international companies and groups.

Corporate law

Managing a business today is complex. Leaders need guidance on a broad range of activities including business start-up requirements, trading activities of an entity, expansion efforts, dissolving or unwinding of a business as well as general questions arising from day-to-day operational activities. Deloitte Legal’s services include advice in relation to:

  • Formation and dissolving of entities
  • Secretarial advisory services
  • Governing and managing bodies
  • Shareholder conflicts
  • Regulatory reporting 

Deloitte Legal lawyers work alongside experienced business professionals in Deloitte's tax, consulting, accounting, and financial advisory practices to provide clients with cohesive guidance based on their individual and unique circumstances. We have deep experience across a wide range of industries and sectors and jurisdictions.

Corporate compliance

In an environment of increased transparency, failure to comply with corporate governance rules and guidelines can have a direct and material impact from a legal and reputational perspective. This is particularly true for listed, regulated and financial entities where compliance breaches may have a negative long-term impact on the success of the business. Deloitte Legal focusses on each client’s risks and needs regarding:

  • Managing organization legal structure, composition and regulations
  • Prevention of director liability issues
  • Board remuneration policies 

Deloitte Legal professionals work closely with their colleagues around the world to help companies manage risks and remain compliant with their corporate reporting and other obligations. Deloitte Legal has strong foundations in the business community which they serve which can be a valuable asset when cross border complexities arise.

Corporate reorganizations

In today's evolving commercial and economic environment, businesses are continually seeking opportunities to manage operating costs and tax positions as well as contain cash expenditures. Entity structuring can help achieve these goals but often presents many challenges for multinational corporations. In addition, the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) proposals are expected to impact the bottom line of affected organizations and result in some business restructuring.

Leveraging a global network, deeply rooted local focus and experience, and a strategic investment in technology, Deloitte Legal delivers an integrated approach to clients' corporate reorganization needs. Services include:

  • Simplifying group structures
  • Executing domestic and cross-border transactions including mergers, demergers, disposals, and company migrations 
  • Transferring assets and business units 
  • Aligning legal structures to business models 
  • Establishing national or regional hubs 
  • Converting subsidiary company structures to branch structures and vice versa 
  • Integrating legal structures following a merger or acquisition

Providing practical advice and assistance throughout the planning, development, and implementation phases of corporate reorganizations, Deloitte Legal assists businesses and other advisors in developing and implementing efficient, cost effective legal structures and business operating models."

Shareholder agreements

For company business to operate efficiently and as intended while avoiding gridlock within the corporate structure, shareholder relations need to be carefully and proactively managed. Shareholder agreements regulating the primary rights, obligations and interactions between shareholders are essential instruments for preventing and managing potential conflicts that may arise.

Deloitte Legal assists companies with negotiation and execution of shareholder agreements, advising on all aspects of such agreements. Relating to:

  • The regulation and structure of governing and managing bodies
  • Resolutions subject to qualified majority
  • Control restrictions on the transfer of shares

Deloitte Legal has experience with and understands the nature of shareholder relationships in different types of entities. Additionally, we bring industry knowledge that enables us to help companies understand and address sector specific issues. These qualities enable us to adapt our approach to suit the needs of individual organizations.

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