Value Creation Strategy Services


Value Creation Strategy Services

Commercial Due Diligence - Market entry studies - M&A Strategy

Our team supports clients in making value driven M&A strategic decisions. We leverage rigorous strategic & commercial analysis (markets & competition) and deep industry expertise to thoroughly evaluate companies (sell & buy side) and identify topline value creation opportunities. We have worked amongst multiple industries with strong expertise in Sustainability in the energy, food and other industrial sectors, a topic that is at the heart of our values. We work mainly for Private Equity and corporate clients but also support Banks in refinancing processes.

Your challenge

We support clients to make successful deals and to grow their business. We unlock valuable industry and company insights to validate the acquisition target’s investment thesis, understand its true value and potential performance, and identify topline growth opportunities.

Our services provide you with deep insights into revenue and growth projections, industry dynamics and outlook, legislations and value creation opportunities required for making the right strategic decisions.

Our key services

1. Commercial due diligence

Our Commercial Due Diligence offering provides clients with critical insights to make informed investment decisions. Through rigorous analysis and industry expertise, we assist clients in evaluating potential targets based on the following key points:

Sizing Markets:

We conduct thorough market research and analysis to assess the size, growth potential, and market dynamics and drivers of the target's industry basis for developing our market models

Testing the Competitive Position of the Target:

We assess the target's competitive landscape, evaluating its market share, competitive advantages, and positioning relative to key players. This analysis provides the investor with an understanding of the target's ability to maintain or enhance its market position.

Assessing the Business Plan:

Our team evaluate the target's business plan, analyzing its key assumptions, growth projections, and potential risks. This assessment ensures that the business plan is achievable and aligns with the client's investment goals.

Testing for Value Creation opportunities:

We explore potential synergies between the client's existing operations and the target company. By identifying areas of mutual benefit and potential cost-saving opportunities, we help clients determine the strategic fit of the acquisition.

Developing the Investment Thesis/ Equity story:

Based on findings from the due diligence process, we collaborate with clients to develop a clear investment thesis or equity story. The investment thesis or equity story outlines the rationale behind the investment, the expected value creation, and the potential risks and mitigations.

2. Business plan development support

We help clients on the preparation of a robust and fact-based business plan that aligns with their strategic objectives. Our tailored approach ensures that the business plan maximizes value creation potential while addressing key challenges and opportunities in the market.

3. Market entry & Target screening

Market entry

We support clients in making informed decisions when entering new markets. At the pre-deal stage, we conduct comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and regulatory assessments to provide actionable insights to investors for defining their market entry strategy. Our team of experts enables clients to make well-informed decisions, seize growth opportunities and navigate potential risks with confidence.

Target screening

We undertake a thorough analysis of the potential acquisition target and assess them against the client's investment strategy and criteria. Applying a proven screening methodology and leveraging Deloitte's methodologies and analytical tools (Deloitte M&A Sensing tool), we gain a holistic view of these targets, examining aspects such as market positioning, financial performance, operational efficiency, and growth potential. Furthermore, our competitor benchmarking against a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) helps us gauge the relative strengths and weaknesses of the target compared to its industry peers.

4. Topline acceleration

We focus on helping clients achieve sustainable revenue growth. Topline acceleration is an offering that generates value through the identification and prioritization of revenue and sales operation acceleration levers to boost top line and marginality growth, for all areas of the business related to organic growth. We help our clients identify growth opportunities through market research, customer segmentation analysis and competitive benchmarking. These services can be executed for corporates seeking for a transformation or improvement process, or for Private Equity/investors at various stages of a deal’s lifecycle (pre-deal versus post-deal).Our topline acceleration services have generated tangible results within three to six months.

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Jasper begint in 1992 bij de Audit praktijk van PwC. In 1999 stapt hij over naar Transaction Services waar hij vanaf 2001 zich specialiseert in post merger integration en complexe ontvlechtingsvraagst... More