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Cognitive Deforestation Prevention

This WWF program uses artificial intelligence to prevent illegal deforestation and is supported by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

The Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative ‘Cognitive Deforestation Prevention’ enables Deloitte to lead the tech consortium for World Wide Fund for Nature’s ‘Early Warning System’ project. This system prevents illegal deforestation through an artificial intelligence solution that predicts where illegal deforestation will happen based on satellite images (radar technology) and other geographical data. The full breadth and depth of this initiative is explained via the blogs of four colleagues within the initiative team at Deloitte.

Blog 1: Setting up the tech consortium

Mark Boersma, Senior Manager within Consulting leads the Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative Cognitive Deforestation Prevention. In this blog he talks about the Early Warning System and how Deloitte is involved in this initiative. He talks about the initiative’s ambition, its first achievements and the next steps. Read the blog.

Blog 2: Predicting deforestation

Joanne Lijbers works within the Artificial Intelligence department at Deloitte. As a data scientist, Joanne is in charge of the modelling part of the solution. In her blog she explains how the Early Warning System predicts the areas of potential deforestation, how these areas are prioritized and how the model’s accuracy is ensured. Read the blog.

Blog 3: Scaling in the cloud

Sebastian Panman de Wit is also part of the Artificial Intelligence team at Deloitte. Through this Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative, he experienced what it’s like to work for an organization with social responsibility as its core value. In his blog he talks about his experience and explains the complexity and purpose of the AWS Cloud technology used for the Early Warning System. Read the blog.  

Blog 4: Enabling action

Bas Wagenmaker is part of the Visual Analytics team within Deloitte Consulting and has seen a wide variety of clients and analytics projects throughout his career. Working on the WWF’s Early Warning System as part of this Deloitte Impact Foundation initiative, has been one of the most rewarding projects he has done so far. In his blog he shares how he has developed a custom web application to enable local users to take action. Read the blog. 

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