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Think Forward Initiative – Scaling Program 2021 

A customized program for financial health scale-ups to increase their impact 

The Think Forward Initiative team has kicked off the ‘2021 Scaling Program’. The Scaling Program is a customized program for a selected group of innovative scale-ups to help them increase their impact by scaling faster. These scale-ups have proven to improve user’s financial health. By scaling them, we can bring that positive impact to more people across Europe. As TFI’s business and innovation partner, Deloitte is leading the Scaling Program, funded by the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

At the start of April, the Think Forward Initiative kicked off the ‘2021 Scaling Program’; a customized program, led by a Deloitte team, with the aim to help people across Europe to improve their financial health. With special focus on helping people to reduce unnecessary spending and create a short term saving habit.

The Scaling Program consists of three key elements: 

  • Growth: focusing on creating more impact by reaching more users via our scale-ups
  • Nudging: focusing on having people show the right financial behavior by implementing proven ‘nudges’. A good example of such a nudge is implementing a button to propose to save money by ‘’automatically’’ getting a better deal via the Dutch fast-growing startup Dyme. 
  • Technology: focusing on making the scale-up’s technology better scalable and implementing new technical features that will boost growth

After developing a sound growth plan, Deloitte will mobilize the right experts for these three elements and work hands-on in co-creation to realize the growth plan to improve the financial health of thousands of additional people across Europe. Of course in close collaboration with the TFI partners: AWS, ING, IBM and CEPR. 

A selection of scale-ups is made that perfectly match our 2021 scope: reduce unnecessary spending and/or create a short term saving habit. 


We proudly present to you: 


Saving has never been so motivating. Strengthen your financial fitness while fulfilling your small goals and big dreams. Define your savings goals and receive weekly targets to make them come true. Deloitte supports Monkee with their scaling plan and by setting up a referral program to increase user retention. 

Want to know more about the inspiring vision of Monkee’s founders on how to make saving fun? Read the interview! 


MoneyCoach helps you track all your cash spending and manage your personal budgets. This makes it easy for everyone to create healthy financial habits that reduce financial stress and increases your savings. Deloitte supports MoneyCoach with setting up advertisement campaigns to increase awareness and get more users in. 


All your fixed expenses in one clear overview. Do you know what you’re paying every month? Dyme shows you automatically. Dyme imports your fixed expenses securely and quickly and will show them in one clear overview. This will enable you to easily spot opportunities to reduce unnecessary spending. Deloitte supports Dyme with the development of a new automatic saving functionality to engage users in a more active way. 


A free browser extension that looks for unnecessary online spending and shares reminders to help you save money while you’re in the online webshop (therefore ‘breaking in’ into the shopping journey and reminding you at the most impactful moment). This will enable people to cut down on these unnecessary spending and increases their financial fitness. Deloitte supports Quinn with the (updated) design of the proposition to help people reduce unnecessary spending.


Pirkx is the benefit package that’s available to everyone. Historically, benefits packages through work have only been available to employees of businesses, meaning that self-employed or contract workers didn’t get access to them. Until now. This will not only improve the financial wellness, but also the physical and mental wellbeing of self-employed / contract workers. Deloitte supports Pirkx with defining the marketing blueprint in order for Pirkx to increase their customer base.  


Put yourself at the center of your financial universe by bringing together all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, savings and borrowing. Seeing exactly what you have and where you’re spending it is the first step – you’ll quickly see how small changes can make big things happen, which will enable you to save money and become more financially healthy. Deloitte supports Moneyhub with their growth strategy and their technology set-up. 

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