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Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions from livestock

How business model innovation powers a climate-neutral future

In an ever more complex world, multi-disciplinary collaboration is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making cattle farming more sustainable. At Deloitte, collaboration is a rule we live by. Connect for impact, as we say. It’s how we helped DSM –  market leader in health, nutrition and biosciences – introduce Bovaer®, a cow feed supplement that reduces methane emissions by approximately 30%.

Every ruminant on earth produces methane, releasing an equivalent of three tons of carbon dioxide per year into the air, burp by burp. Like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane is a greenhouse gas that adds to global warming. Although its warming effect is shorter lived, it’s much more potent than carbon dioxide. So, if you want to counteract global warming, eliminating methane emissions pays off right away.

Bovaer® is the result of a lengthy research and development process by DSM. Over the last five years, we helped our partner strategically position and market Bovaer®, working from the proposition “farm wise, climate friendly”. This conveys the idea that you can actually enjoy nutritious foods, like dairy and beef, in more sustainable ways.

In addition, we created an innovative business model around Bovaer® together with DSM. Here, getting farmers to embrace the product was – and is – key, hence our motto: “Trace your methane reductions and get rewarded”.

Together with our partners, we developed a very first version of a platform that reliably documents methane cuts, so that farmers can proof their exact contribution to a better climate.


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The overall challenge is to get the entire supply chain aligned, from feed additive companies, feedmills and farmers, to dairy companies and retailers. By involving the farmers, we help DSM make more of an impact, up and down the value chain.

We are proud that Bovaer® has been cleared for access to the Brazilian and Chilean markets, while in February 2022, landmark EU-approval has been granted.

At Deloitte we’re committed to helping our partners innovate their business models in sustainable ways. It’s how we build a climate-neutral future. Together with DSM and Bovaer®. And together with you.

Connect for Impact

How Bovaer® works (the simple version)

In a cow’s stomach, microbes help break down nutritients. This releases hydrogen and carbon dioxide. An enzyme combines these gases to form methane. Bovaer® inhibits this enzyme, so that less methane is generated.

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