60 seconds to resilience


60 seconds to Resilience

Is your organisation ready for the next high-impact event?

In 60 seconds to Resilience, experts of the Deloitte Resilience, Crisis & Reputation team share key insights to help make your organisation more resilient against high impact events.

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High impact events -or crises-occur at much higher frequency and greater speed. They arise from issues within an organization as well as from the outside world. One thing they have in common: the potential to disrupt your business and threaten your license to operate.

For organizations to be ready and thrive in this new reality, a new perspective on Resilience is required. So what does this mean?

“Ready” is all about building an organizations’ core resilience in operations, finance and reputation, to weather any storm. It is a state closely connected to the overall strategy, purpose and values and characterized by a truly integrated, holistic approach. It defines the capacity to address any high-impact event as one powerful entity, to act responsibly and with the interest of all stakeholders at heart.

As such, Resilience Reimagined is an optimum state, a ‘muscle’ that is constantly trained to protect and add value.

In 60 seconds to Resilience we discuss how reimagined resilience can make organisations stronger – not just when crisis hits, but every single day.

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1. Be ready to deal effectively with any high-impact event

In the first episode Frédérique Demenint opens the discussion about how to make sure your organization is ready.

2. Integrated thinking to manage high impact events

In the second episode Frédérique Demenint shares her insight on integrated thinking and resilience reimagined.

3. The fundament of Resilience Reimagined

In the third episode Frédérique Demenint shares her insight on what shapes the fundament of Resilience Reimagined

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