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Deloitte Remediation Factory

Streamline data remediations with technology

The availability of high-quality data, that is fit for use triggers companies to start data remediation. The need often arises during transformations or due to regulatory changes with strict deadlines and high data volume. With stakeholders expecting swift action, to stay compliant and in control, the challenge is to get up-and-running quickly and effectively.

How to get the job done?

Remediations put stress on companies as both IT and business require significant investment to solve both retroactively and proactively, within expected deadlines. Challenges in every remediation program concern scalability and flexibility to accommodate for the remediation of different types of gaps. Smart handling of data accelerates remediation and is central to its success. 

Key questions

  • How do we minimize the impact on business-as-usual?
  • How do we track progress & identify bottlenecks?
  • How can we optimize throughput while maintaining data lineage?
  • How do we remain flexible?
  • How do we separate high/low touch?
  • Where and how can technology augment or automate parts of the process?

Remediation factory overview

To accelerate the management and execution of all remediation activities, the remediation factory provides a robust and scalable workflow environment to streamline and standardize the processes. It includes pre-fab components and technology for digitization, clustering, workflow management, and quality assurance. This tech-enabled approach allows the factory to be production-ready in no-time.

Your benefits

  • Audit trail with full data lineage
  • Monitor workload and time estimate
  • Solve issue without impacting the business-as-usual
  • Embed quality assurance through standardization and technology
  • Leverage technology to automate and accelerate

Do you have data remediation challenges?

At Deloitte, we combine our extensive remediation expertise with technology. We have supported multiple clients in some of the largest remediation programs of recent years. With the Remediation Factory, we can support you to get up-and-running quickly and effectively.

Would you like more information on the Deloitte Remediation Factory? Please contact us via the contact details below.


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Peter Schaap


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