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The better and faster way to get data from unstructured documents.

Most information today is still locked up in unstructured documents which prevents companies from leveraging hidden insights.

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Time consuming

Finding data points in long documents is time consuming. Experts are wasting time browsing and searching instead of what they are​ trained for​.

Always urgent

New regulations and mandatory regulatory remediation efforts require you to go back to documents to obtain additional information​.

Mind numbing work

Document review and data point retrieval often require involvement of experts even though this is a mind-numbing task. Typically 60-80% of the work is simple and repetitive and only exceptions require time of experts.

Data quality challenges

Manually sifting through thousands of documents is error prone. And once you’ve got the data it is still difficult to prove data is reliable and can be trusted.

Different formats & languages

International companies must deal with many different types of documents making it hard to standardize. Multiple languages makes it even harder to organize your workforce effectively.


Large volumes require you to mobilize a large workforce and support organization. How can you minimize cost and still benefit from all the insight locked away in these documents?​

“The digital era demands leaders to respond boldly. Companies have a chance to capitalise on data and overtake newcomers.”
Marc Verdonk

Marc Verdonk Partner Innovation at Risk Advisory in the Netherlands



You have gotten rid of all old archives with important documents. What if all information is available all the time? What possibilities would open up?

That is why you need DocQMiner.

Turn documents into actionable data, faster and more accurate than any other option on the market.


Quickly analyse documents by using suggestions to directly jump to relevant words. We make every second count.


Every document analysed by human experts feeds into a learning cycle to provide better and more accurate suggestions.

Any language or layout

Supports over 140 languages and is accurate even if the document type or layout is different.

Reliable at scale

A built-in workflow to streamline processing large volumes of documents. A solid review process so you can really trust the data.

Structured output

Data you get is formatted and structured so it you can directly use it in downstream solutions.

Human + Artificial Intelligence = Accuracy & Speed

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People who have experienced our benefits.

DocQMiner really boosts my team’s performance and quality of service. Anthony Maalste

Anthony Maalsté

Partner at Deloitte Netherlands saving 2.000 hours on lease contracts

A great tool to work on as the inbuilt AI learns and responds very well by highlighting the key areas of leases.

Aditya Alamuri

PMO for team of 50 people assessing and reviewing lease contracts

Use cases

IBOR & Brexit repapering

Identify contracts at risk of regulatory non-compliance or conduct failing and automate the remediation process.

EU Medical Device Regulation

Be in control of contracts throughout your supply chain and quickly capture required data to ensure the safety and compliancy of your devices. Easily deal with mergers, acquisitions and high contractual variety.

M&A and Carve-out

Speed-up document review to determine valuation drivers in contracts such as change of control and exclusivity obligations.

Contract management

Streamline contract processing and contract lifecycle management by reducing manual labor and empowering analists to handle more complex contracts.


Determine if supplier contracts contain all required data regulation obligations and discover personal data in unstructured documents.

Document extraction

Accelerate the extraction of content from both semi-unstructured and unstructured for regulatory implementation and remediation efforts such as Duty of Care or misselling.

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Our benefits apply to any case which requires you to turn documents into data. Our dedicates sales team is ready to start the conversation with you.

Marc Verdonk

Marc Verdonk
Partner Risk Advisory

Sandra Bakkum

Sandra Bakkum
Director Risk Advisory