The intelligent way of extracting data from documents.

Accelerate digital transformation by combining human effort with AI. Empower your team with the best, fastest and most cost-effective way of transforming information into high-quality, actionable and structured data.


Why DocQMiner?

Gain control
DocQMiner strengthens your position by providing data from many sources such as cross departmental systems or individual documents.

Be cost effective
Let experts spend time on value added tasks instead of manual searching and browsing.

Focus on quality
You and auditors can trust the data quality thanks to DocQMiner’s complete reviewing capability, audit trail and overview of data origin and source.

What is DocQMiner?

DocQMiner in action

The Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)

The upcoming IDMP regulations are accompanied by high volumes of data, which require Life Sciences to prepare by extracting medicinal information from documents. DocQMiner is the most reliable, quickest and effective tool for this shift of Life Sciences from documents to data.

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The Arabic language market

Most OCR technology is not sophisticated enough to read Arabic information, let alone data in Arabic and English. For companies in the Middle East, this is daily business. DocQMiner is the only tool that reads Arabic, Arabic numbers and Arabic mixed with English. Quick and easy.

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Contract analytics

Valuable information is often hidden in contracts. Analyzing and using data in contracts is time-consuming but necessary for digital transformation, risk management or compliancy with regulations. DocQMiner makes using information from contracts more effortless.

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Data extraction for price indexing

Relevant data needed to be extracted from documents to index prices according to agreements made with customers. DocQMiner helped a telecom provider in accurately identifying price indexation clauses in thousands of unstructured documents to provide much needed clarity.

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Additional information


With DocQMiner, you combine the best artificial intelligence technology in a continuous learning cycle to go from documents to structured information.

Step 1: Suggest
DocQMiner reads the set of documents you select and comes up with suggestions for the data points to extract from the information.

Step 2: Analyze and tag
Deloitte’s experts use these suggestions to quickly go through the documents accepting the suggestions or manually selecting (tags) the correct words in the documents.

Step 3: Review
Through a four eyes principle and three level quality review done by our experienced experts, the workflow process always provides you with quality assurance of the extracted data.

Step 4: Learn
DocQMiner learns from every document it reviews. With every learning cycle and tagged data point, it will give better suggestions for the data points you need. Quality improves and process time reduces.

Cloud based building block

DocQMiner is a cloud hosted solution for quick provisioning and simple integration into your business processes. You have access from anywhere in the world. DocQMiner can also be used on premise or in the private cloud. It is very flexible and adjustable to your project’s needs.

Easily integrate DocQMiner into new or existing workflow processes and custom apps. Using the multiple API’s, DocQMiner can be used as a building block in other projects with other solutions.

Cutting edge, yet user friendly AI models

DocQMiner comes with an self-service AI engine, that builds on cutting edge AI models. This allows you as a user to train the models yourself and improve their results without needing the intervention of a data scientist. With its self-standing AI, you are in charge.

With its own user interface and fast and friendly app, DocQMiner is easy to use and enhances productivity with a powerful workflow to support business processes.

DocQMiner’s qualified dataset can be of great value for different industries and use cases to get insights from data. Our track record consists of companies in the following industries:

  • Energy, resources and industrials
  • Consumer Products
  • Shipping and delivery services
  • Technology, media and telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Life Sciences
  • Public sector

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