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Internal Audit

Operational Risk

As business leaders and other stakeholders are looking for more assurance on how an organisation operates, the importance of the Internal Audit function is growing. Deloitte can help improve the performance of this function and bring value to its organisation.

Your challenge

As the external environment continues to change, the demand placed on Internal Audit functions has never been greater. The growing amount of data and growing complexity of regulations surrounding this data makes staying in control even harder. That is why business leaders, regulators and other stakeholders are seeking more assurance on the controls within an organisation.

You want your Internal Audit function to operate as a change agent for governance, risk and control; in this way helping management drive business performance and giving your organisation a competitive advantage. Its performance, efficiency and ability to add value is therefore very important.

So how do you meet the increasing expectations of your stakeholders and the challenges posed by the wide variety of high-risk or emerging areas that require specialised or technical knowledge? The key to increasing the influence and impact of Internal Audit is not simply to do more, but to do more of the right things and do them well.

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Our solution

We can help you contemporise your Internal Audit function through innovative solutions that help business leaders turn insight into foresight. We lean on innovation to deliver results with more accuracy, efficiency and value; and seamlessly coordinate our global resources to deliver a tailored, industry-aligned client experience.

We can support our clients with a variety of services: 

  • Internal Audit Transformations
  • Co-Sourcing and Outsourcing Risk & Control Analytics
  • Managed Internal Audit Services
  • Next Generation Internal Control
  • Quality Assessment Reviews

Why Deloitte?

We have global experience in emerging IT audit, cyber, security, governance, and risk issues. Our focus on innovation and talent development makes us your Internal Audit partner. We provide control, comfort and confidence with innovative technologies and best in class internal control professionals. We are not afraid of doing things differently to be the standard of excellence in the Internal Audit domain. We develop and deliver solutions that are focused not just on any tomorrow, but on your tomorrow.


Rob de Leeuw

Rob de Leeuw


Rob de Leeuw is a Partner at Risk Advisory who used to lead the Dutch Operational Risk Team. He has more than 15 years’ working experience in a wide range of risk transformation programmes. His experi... More