Managed Privacy Services


Managed Privacy Services

For facing changes in your privacy organization

Handling privacy properly is an important aspect of everyday business. However, changes in- or outside the organization may alter the risk level of an organization. Managed privacy services can help with these changes, without disrupting your processes.

Your challenge

Nowadays most organizations are well aware of the importance of handling privacy properly. Signals with regards to privacy are picked up by the market, and the consumers’ wishes are heard. Based on this, the handling of privacy within organizations is improving significantly. Awareness is given the needed attention at all the necessary levels, while the strategy set by management is safeguarded. In short: the privacy organization has matured.
But what if your organization faces changes? With everything properly structured your management decides to go for expansion abroad. All of a sudden your privacy organization is confronted with a different jurisdiction. Expansion abroad is just one factor that can change things. Changes inside the organization, too, may alter the risk level. Never mind how strong the privacy awareness within the organization is - a new challenge like this needs to be dealt with. Deloitte can help.

How Deloitte can help

Our Managed Privacy Services have been designed for an organization whose privacy policy is good and whose structure requires quick and efficient support with minimum disruption to the organization’s day-to-day operations. The technical, legal and organizational professionals in our privacy team can fast fit in with an organization. Our extensive experience with complex privacy organizations enables us to quickly get to the core of what you need in your specific case. Unnecessary adjustments are a no go - we offer exactly what you need. A quick in-and-out of long term processes - we are geared to your wishes.

How will you benefit?

Getting specific expertise means your organization will be able to retain its current good position. Considering the changes organizations are faced with this is more than just smart: it is a necessity. Just like any other top-notch product, a mature privacy organization needs maintenance. Deloitte’s privacy team can help you with this.

More information

Would you like to know more about managed privacy services? Please contact Annika Sponselee via +31610999302.


Annika Sponselee

Annika Sponselee


Annika Sponselee is Partner at Deloitte Risk Advisory and heads the Privacy Team. This Privacy Team exists of 20 privacy experts, all dedicated to and qualified in their field of expertise (i.e. legal... Meer

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