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Whilst society and policy makers increase pressure on companies to ‘do the right thing’, Deloitte’s Digital Ethics proposition enables companies to be a differentiator by instilling ethical values throughout a company’s vision and processes to build trusted uses of data and human-centric technology. Our Strategy and Governance solutions are great starting points to build trust and a competitive advantage.

Our services

  • Strategy Lab
    The Digital Ethics team organizes lab sessions in which participants explore how to arrive at a future state in which their digital solutions are developed and deployed in line with their Digital Ethics principles.
  • Insights Driven Organization Lab – Digital Ethics Module
    The Digital Ethics team has developed a module to trigger awareness about the importance and scope of Digital Ethics for those who want to become a responsible insights driven organization.
  • Leadership program
    The Digital Ethics team offers several training programs about what Digital Ethics is and what it means for an organization’s business and innovation practices. The content of the training is always adapted to the business context and client specific dilemmas.
  • Digital Ethics Strategic Vision
    Developing a Digital Ethics Strategic Vision will be a starting point for organizations to address complex ethical issues and to balance different stakeholders’ interests. Having a strategic vision on Digital Ethics will create awareness and a shared understanding of what Digital Ethics means for the organization.
  • Digital Ethics Board
    Digital Ethics Boards complement traditional ethics and compliance frameworks by offering an ‘outside-in’ perspective. It provides reflections and advice on the use and impact of digital solutions and offers insights that might otherwise not be included in strategic decision-making.
  • Digital Ethics Impact Assessment
    A Digital Ethics Impact Assessment Framework provides the client with a guide to gage whether the digital technologies they create pose ethical risks. The framework is based on Digital Ethics principles and is adapted and customized in accordance with the values of the client.
  • Awareness training
    The Digital Ethics team provides the client with training in the basics of what digital ethics is and why it is important for business and innovation. The training is facilitated by topic-experts from Deloitte.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte North West Europe combines the breadth and depth of capabilities of ten market leading member firms.

  • Deloitte is the frontrunner in the field of Digital Ethics. This experience translates to our services and products.
  • We look at the whole organisation and take every aspect of technology into account.
  • It’s not just AI, but all technologies, such as IoT or robotics. All digital solutions play a role in our approach to Digital Ethics.
  • By taking this broad and ‘outsiders’ perspective, we can make sure there are no risks or opportunities left uncovered.


Hilary Richters

Hilary Richters


Hilary has over 14 years of experience in executing large data-driven and complex regulatory and compliance projects as well as executing regulatory transformation projects within the Financial sector... More