Sustainable Finance

Shaping your future as a responsible business

Sustainability is emerging as a source of competitive advantage. For organizations to gain this advantage, it is important to shift towards a focus on long term value. This offers leverage for a step forward. Deloitte can help you attain insight in your strategic non-financial topics and become a purpose driven organization.

Your challenge

The risk and opportunity sustainability offers is a top-of-mind issue across the C-suite. Affecting your strategic, compliance and reputational agenda, successfully exploring opportunities that are connected to occurring sustainability risks and opportunities is therefore key. The challenge is to approach this in an effective manner, since the opportunities can offer real long term value creation when financial and non-financial capitals are taken into account.

Our solution

We can help you seize these opportunities by enabling you to manage and measure your non-financial impacts and engage in long-term value creation through three specific sets of services:

Sustainable Finance

Financial Institutions should continue investing in measures across the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space, even if regulatory measures on ESG risk reporting are postponed. One important reason: a value-based FSI sector not only benefits society, but also the industry itself.

Sustainable strategy integration and business enablement  

Sustainable Finance will drive a major strategic change with lots of implications on the operating models of businesses in the FSI sector. Deloitte’s expertise on strategic embedding and business enablement allows us to assist financial clients with integrating sustainability into their business strategies.

Ensure compliance with regulatory changes

Translating regulatory know-how into tailored guidance provides insights to clients about sustainable finance regulatory trends. Especially our insights regarding peer practices and our non-financial assurance experience enable us to help financial institutions comply with reporting and general sustainability regulations. For example, we can help implement recognised standards for sustainable finance.

Data management, modelling and reporting

Sustainable Finance implies a major transformation in Finance and Risk reporting processes, calculation engines, systems data, and filling data gaps to properly manage risks and disclosures. Using our experience and knowledge with data management, modelling, and risk valuation we can help the FSI sector design reporting systems and track integration in sustainable finance strategy. Moreover, our modelling expertise allows for climate scenario analysis that helps identify risks and opportunities to prepare clients to react.

Creating value through sustainability

We can help financial service providers by setting up the sustainable financing framework by conducting market research, monitor investment strategies, and use customer profiling and segmentation to determine ESG opportunities, needs and capabilities.​ We can help design and implement sustainable finance products which align with leading lending, bond and impact principles and taxonomies.


Other services

Next to those three main areas we also provide other sustainability-related services, for example on circular economy, responsible supply chain (e.g. ecosystem related issues with climate change or supply chain resilience), implementation of the SDGs and assurance and reporting of covid-19 responses to stakeholders. We help businesses with developing circular business models to support the transition towards a low-carbon economy, with increasing responsibility throughout the whole value chain and with translating the SDGs into strategic pillars in order to create long-term value. 

Why Deloitte

In each of the services listed above, we combine our in-depth knowledge of non-financial topics, internal and external reporting and regulatory measures with an integral organizational approach. We bring added value by translating strategy and regulation into efficient and effective implementation in the organization. Our industry expertise and international network ensures that we can tailor-make solutions to complex challenges both on a national and an international scale and for your type of organization.


Harvey Christophers

Harvey Christophers


Harvey is currently the Managing Partner of Risk Advisory in the Netherlands and a member of both the NL firm Exec team and the NSE Risk Advisory Exec team. Harvey also leads our whole of firm Sustain... More