Climate Risk and Opportunities Integration

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Your business is probably considering its impact on the climate, and possibly reacting to regulatory or customer demand. But maybe you haven’t considered how climate change impacts your business. We discuss how businesses can understand the financial effects of climate change, to mitigate the risks, capitalise on the opportunities, and discover how sustainable equals successful. In our four-step methodology we can help a business map out the impact of climate on its operations, assets and finance, and build the foundations for future-proofing. In our 3-part blog series, we'll go in further depth into understanding, assessing and integrating the climate risk & opportunities.

Understanding the impact of climate change must be integral to business

Environmental impact is now an everyday business question. Whether it’s driven by regulation, customer demand or other strategic factors, businesses are being pushed to react and account for their impact on the climate. However, the impact that climate change can have on a business is often less understood, so we’ve developed an approach that helps companies understand the financial implications – not simply as an obligation, but also as a range of risks and opportunities that could have practical implications for the business.

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Assessing climate risk and opportunities

In our previous article, we outlined the urgency of understanding the impact of climate change on your business, touched on regulatory developments, and introduced physical and transition risks. Here, we discuss our step-by-step climate-risk journey, which can help businesses understand what abstract goals and commitments mean in terms of practical business actions and impacts. 

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Integrating climate risk into the business

In our previous article, we considered how a business can build its awareness around climate change, and identify and assess the range of risks and opportunities that climate represents. Here, we take the process further, to consider how such practices can be integrated into business operations, to make more organisations more resilient.

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