Global Turning Point


The Global Turning Point 

A Dutch Point of View 

Time is no longer running out to act on climate change; it’s up, and the global economy is at a crossroads. But, if the world acts now to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century rapidly, the transformation of the economy would set the world up for stronger economic growth by 2070. In our five-part blog series, Deloitte experts will go in-depth on decarbonisation, climate risk, implications from a crisis & communications perspective, the general message, and we'll end the series with an article about reporting.

Blog 1 | The Economic Case Against Carbon

In the long run, decarbonization will boost both businesses and the broader economy. Decarbonizing the global economy will open up opportunities and drive growth. If the world acts quickly enough to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of this century, the resulting transformation could fuel stronger economic growth by 2070.

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Blog 2 | Facing up to Climate Risk

To prepare for an uncertain future, businesses should thoroughly assess their exposure to a changing climate across both physical and transition dimensions. As the world’s climate changes, organizations are facing myriad of physical risks, such as those arising from an increase in extreme weather events and rising temperatures, and transition risks that arise from changing regulatory environments, policies, investment decisions and public sentiment. 

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Blog 3 | The Climate: Time to Escalate

It may not be obvious yet, but the climate crisis is probably impacting your business. As the new Deloitte report: The Turning Point: A Global Summary makes clear, many organizations are already feeling the effects.  That will continue in both the short and long term, as the number  and severity of climate events increase. 

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For more information on the different topics please contact Priti Hoffmann for "Decarbonization", Ivan Kukhnin for "Climate Risk", Danny Tinga for "Implications from a crisis & communications perspective",  Vanessa Otto-Mentz for "The General Message: Time to Get to Grips on Sustainability" and Han Hindriks for "Reporting".

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