Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

Through Data Visualization Towards Business Optimization

An ever increasing number of organizations and associations are involving themselves with gathering and reporting a wide range of information, data. But how can you unravel the relationships and predictive information that can really make a difference for your business results? More importantly, how can you ensure that you are quick enough in detecting red flags that help identify and prevent risks?

Ownership of information alone won't enable your organization to win the war. The true value lies in translating these databases into descriptive and even predictive models. Doing so will allow authorized employees from all layers of your organization to easily extract the most important insights from enormous amounts of information and effectively apply them as part of their daily business routine. This can be in forms such as management information systems, dashboards and reports. In addition, the right visualization of multiple variables in one dashboard allows for easy comparison and the discovery of surprising relationships between business elements that otherwise would have remained unnoticed.

Unfortunately, it seems that many organizations do not have the essential in-house knowledge and capacity to visualize their data. Where data visualizations are being made, it is mostly in such a way that it becomes nearly impossible to discover meaningful correlations and relationships that are not already known. In addition, it has proven to be difficult to generate 'real-time' dashboards as filtering and sorting newly acquired data is often a time-consuming process for many organizations.

The pitfalls of inaccurate data visualization, if unaware, can cause important insights to remain hidden within the databases. Insights that otherwise would have supported the company in determining valuable information such as market trends, budgeting, timely detection of unnecessary costs, and other ‘Red Flags’.

To make sure that organizations do not miss out on opportunities derived from these insights, our service offering Technology Enabled Services (TES) offers you a solution. TES is part of Deloitte’s service line Business Process Solutions (BPS) and consists of a group of IT professionals who can support companies with Business Intelligence. Our team has experience translating big amounts of data into standardized and structured reports in the form of visually appealing dashboards. These dashboards can process real-time data, making sure your organizations’ insights remain accurate and relevant.

Our TES team makes sure that the way the data is visualized clearly reflects the purpose of underlying insights. We believe this to be a vital element of good dashboarding. For example, a graph which can be perfectly suitable for discovering correlations often proves to be insufficient to signal trends, and vice versa. Our expertise results in an ideal tool that allows for proper insight into the most relevant management information. Due to its visual attractiveness, these insights also lend themselves perfectly for commercial purposes, such as sales pitches.

Are you ready to transform your business into a data-driven organization? Do you want to gain maximum advantage by visualizing your big data? Does your organization require more balance between technical intelligence, insight generation and creative designing? Our TES professionals will gladly engage in an informal dialogue to show you how their tailor-made solutions can optimize your business operations. Contact us today by calling +316 133 22 875 or send an e-mail to

Our expertise reaches far beyond only Business Intelligence. Are you interested in extracting insights from data, but do you only have databases at your disposal that are extremely extensive and unstructured? We support in the validation, sorting, and matching of data. In addition, we are able to build tailor-made software robots that fully automate repetitive processes. Find out what we can do for you in the fields of Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.


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Loes Bierenbroodspot


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