Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Faster, Cheaper, And One Hundred Percent Error-Free.

In order to develop a value proposition that really stands out in the market, every organization would do well to create a business environment that fully stimulates the creativity and intelligence of its employees. But how do you manage this when mandatory repetitive administrative chores absorb hours of work, intellectual capacity, and motivation?

In an ideal business environment, employees get to fully utilize their intellectual and creative capacities in order to develop unique value propositions that distinguish a company from its competition. Successful innovations are mostly created in a business environment that enables out-of-the-box thinking. In practice, however, employees spend significant amounts of time on repetitive administrative chores, such as processing invoices, which swallow up their attention and energy. The longer such processes take, the more they become prone to human errors, such as copying the wrong numbers when entering an invoice in the system. This can negatively impact both internal and external financial reporting, which subsequently will result in even more work correcting these errors. Furthermore, it negatively influences employee motivation as the work does not challenge their intellectual capacity, does not have a noticeable effect on their results, and is highly prone to error.

At Deloitte Business Process Solutions (BPS), we believe that the human talent should be replaced out of such processes and put into practices that really matter for effective business development. This is why our professionals are continuously developing new digital solutions that are able to take over these repetitive administrative processes. Within our service line Technology Enabled Solutions (TES), our professionals utilize their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) skills in order to build tailor-made software robots, perfectly living up to specific company needs. Our TES team distinguishes itself by their advanced developers level and their expertise in Finance & Administration functions.

Our robots enable companies to fully automate their processes, without the need to adopt new ICT systems or hire additional staffing. These robots automatically log in to systems and stimulate keyboard and mouse input. This allows them to take over all processes that are repetitive, error-prone and rule-based, such as transaction processing and validation or consolidation of data. They are even able to extract information from scanned PDF documents by means of optical character recognition and gathering data spread over various web pages and programs.

These robots bring numerous advantages. Due to their efficiency and speed, they reduce the FTEs needed to complete a task. Robots will never get bored, distracted, or sick, meaning the human errors will disappear. They never have to go on a holiday and can work through the night. And, perhaps best of all, the valuable human capabilities that were spent on these processes can be invested in adding new value for the organization. This will increase both profitability of the company and employee motivation and well-being.
Are you ready for your first company robots? Our TES professionals gladly show you what kind of tailor-made solutions they can offer to you. Contact them via or +316 133 22 875 or

Also looking for other opportunities to join the technological revolution and implement IT solutions that will radically improve your strategic development and company growth? TES also offers support in validating and consolidating data processes and building state of the art management information visualization tools. Read what TES can do for you in the area of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.


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