Center of Analytics & Robotics Excellence (CARE)


Center of Analytics & Robotics Excellence (CARE)

The next step in optimizing your analytics and robotics

New technologies are changing the way we work. Organizational decision-makers need to be aware that they can get entrapped in traditional, non-disruptive thinking, and they have to make their decisions efficiently to maintain a competitive edge. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Analytics (DA), we can help you to make a competitive advancement.

Does your organization seek automation solutions that are non-disruptive, cost-effective, and easy to maintain?

With BPS, we offer a variety of tools and solutions to help in optimizing business results. Whether there is a need to retrieve insights from data or the need for an on-premise or cloud robotics solution without the need for expensive IT investments or the burden to perform maintenance on these technology solutions, our team can assist in identifying processes that are suitable for automation and how to efficiently implement them within your business processes.

Our solutions

  1. Transparent and compliant business processes, better insight into risks and opportunities

Whether it is to build or improve automations and analytics in place, our team can identify opportunities suitable for improvement and optimization.

  1. Technology-driven, state of the art processes that yield optimal efficiency

Technology experts with a background in Finance, Accounting, and Tax can assure the best suitable solutions for business processes. Experience the comfort and ease with our team who can take care of the implementation, automation runs, and maintenance to deliver efficiency gain.


With RPA, it is possible to add a software robot to your workforce. A digital worker that can handle standard, rule-based, repetitive tasks, and tasks which are prone to human errors. With RPA, one can experience faster processing time, higher volumes and reduced errors while stimulating the creativity and intelligence of the employees by enabling them to trade in repetitive manual tasks for practices that matter for effective business development.

Robots are efficiently transforming every organization’s function from Tax, Finance, HR, Compliance, and Reporting. We are talking about software robots that can operate as virtual employees. When robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets converged, we have a new automation called Intelligent Process Automation or Intelligent Automation (IA). With Intelligent Automation, the robot learns from doing tasks and becomes smarter after completion of every task. As a result, it grants the robot access to endless possibilities of potential tasks and processes to automate. Adding intelligence creates transformation across the full spectrum of emerging technologies. 

We can help you use IPA for judgment-based processes that enable machine learning capabilities by interpreting human behavior.

RaaS is a flexible solution for organizations that are thinking of using robotics but do not have the know-how or in-house resources to maintain such robotic solutions. RaaS is a pay-as-you-go or subscription-based serving model. One gets the benefits of robotic process automation by leasing robotic devices and accessing a cloud-based subscription service rather than purchasing the equipment outright, avoiding the downsides of ownership.

Data often holds the key to optimizing the internal process and valuable market insights. Using Data Analytics helps for improved decision-making and better understanding of different processes. Our data-experts can help with validating, sorting, and structuring data to extract relevant and valuable information using a variety of tools such as Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Structured Query Language (SQL), and Python etc.

Data visualization is a graphical representation of data and information. By using visual elements such as graphs, charts, and maps, data visualization tools can provide an approachable way to foresee and understand trends and patterns in data. In the world of Big Data, data visualization tools and technologies are crucial to analyze large amounts of information and make data-driven decisions. We can help you unlock the hidden value of data easily and identify the trends through visual representations.

Business intelligence leverages software and services to modify data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic business decisions. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in the form of graphs, dashboards, summaries, reports, charts, and maps to equip users with comprehensive intelligence about the state of the business. We can help you combine Data Analytics and Data Visualizations to generate insights that have the power to create a unique impact on both strategic and other business decisions.

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